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Anne Marie and Eric Got Married!

I met Anne Marie and Eric thanks to a good friend, Alli. Alli is getting married to Eric's son this coming fall, and we'd done a few photo sessions together over the years.

You can imagine my surprise when Anne Marie called me last August and said, "Hi Aaron. I got your name from Alli. She's getting married to my finance's son. We're getting married this Thanksgiving, and we need a photographer. You come highly recommended. Give me a call. We'd love to work with you." It took me a minute to put all of those pieces together!

Fast-foward to late-November of 2017, and I'm back home in Olney, MD, photographing two of the happiest lovebirds I've ever met.

Anne Marie and Eric had known each other for decades. They both worked at the same church, sharing a mutual passion for serving others. Both Anne Marie and Eric enjoyed rich family lives, each raising wonderful children into adulthood. And they always enjoyed each other's friendship at church.

As these stories sometimes go, Anne Marie and Eric found themselves at a place in life where their friendship could turn into something more. And it did. Something a lot more. I spent an evening with them prior to the wedding, and these two could not stop holding hands and smiling at each other. Their love was fresh and exciting and fulfilling. Love as pure and happy as these two is what love is meant to be.

I am blessed to have been a part of such an amazing day as two loving families joined together to celebrate the next chapter for Anne Marie and Eric. Congratulations, Anne Marie and Eric!

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