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Product Spotlight: Heirloom Album and Custom Prints

The heirloom album and custom print package is my most popular package. The heirloom album is a timeless family treasure, and the custom prints are the highest quality archival photo paper, perfect for gifts or a small shelf display.

The album is pure luxury. With thick, silver-gilded pages of photo-perfect paper. With your choice of leather, linen, suede, or velvet cover and an archival box, the heirloom album is the best way to see all of your photos in one place.

All albums start with five spreads (ten pages), and you can add up to twenty more spreads. Ideally we'll have four-to-six photos on each spread, which means that at the very least we'll design an album with 20-30 of the best photos from our session. Can't bear to see photos left out? Then we'll add more spreads!

We have several of these albums at home. Our kids absolutely love sitting down with one and touring the pages. There's nothing like the smiles on their faces reminding you that the life you've is so important and cherished.

To read more about the album, check out this previous blog post.

Couple the album with several custom prints on the finest photo paper, and you have the perfect print package for your photos. The custom prints are made with today's latest printing technology, yielding unparalleled detail and color.

You'll see photos of the prints below with archival white mats, a perfect add-on to make your photos ready for display or gift giving.

Both the album and the prints need to be seen and held to truly feel the quality and craftsmanship. I can't wait to show you examples in person. In the meantime, take a look at the photos below and begin to imagine your photos filling pages and handed down for generations.

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