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Multi-Session Senior Photo Sessions - Is It Right For You?

This year, I worked with a few high school seniors who wanted multiple senior photo sessions, something I’d never offered before.

As it turns out, other students are also interested in multi-session photoshoots, so I’d like to share what that looks like, and you can decide if it sounds interesting to you!

But first, let me introduce you to Abby.

multi-senior photo session collage of westerville north senior photos

Westerville North Senior Photos for Abby

Abby is a multi-faceted senior at Westerville North High School. She’s a joy to have in English class, and over the last year, we’ve had so much fun collaborating on her multiple senior photoshoots.

I’ve had Abby in class twice now, and I always knew there was more to her than she presented in class. (Seniors, you know how class can be--you're never your true self, right?) I really got to see her personality come through as we worked together on her senior photos. I'm sharing some favorite "outtakes" at the end, so stick around for those.

I attribute many of her sessions to the relationship I built with her and her mom, Christa. When Abby mentioned that she loved playing piano, cheerleading, and sunflower fields, we made plans to add those to her senior photos.

Now, let’s take a look at her sessions. Maybe you’ll want to have multiple senior photo sessions too!

three photos from a multi-senior photo sessions for girl at westerville north high school

Five-Part Senior Photo Session

I’ll be the first to admit that five senior photo sessions is a lot! But it didn’t feel that way working with Abby. We were always doing something different and coming up with new ideas.

Each of Abby’s sessions had a different reason or theme, which made the experiences more meaningful for Abby. And it gave me more opportunities to build up my senior portfolio.

three photos of a blonde girl wearing black halter top for senior photos in westerville ohio

Uptown Westerville Senior Photos - Session One

For Abby’s first session, we did a best-friends photo shoot in Uptown Westerville. This one took place in the summer before her senior year began. We had a lot of fun exploring the area and getting to know each other better.

As you can see from these photos, it was clear from her first session that she wasn’t afraid to be silly or act silly in public. I love that about her.

collage of senior photos of two best friends in multi-senior photo sessions in westerville ohio

three senior photos of two girls in uptown westerville senior photo session

At Home Studio Senior Session - Session Two

Abby’s second photoshoot was mainly for a blog I wanted to write to showcase my at-home portrait studio. She brought along her friend, Mia, and helped me document what it’s like working in my studio.

This was a win/win situation. I got content for my blog, and they both got new senior photos. It was a fun session for all of us. Check out some behind-the-scenes images they took during the shoot here.

collage of senior photos of two best friends at senior photo session

Senior Photos at 22 Acre Farm - Session Three

Abby’s third session is the one I would call her “official” senior photoshoot.

She loves sunflowers, so we watched the weather and kept an eye on their blooming timeframe. When the time was right, we traveled to Newark, Ohio, to 22 Acre Farm to photograph her in fields of beautiful sunflowers.

This session took some strategic planning to capture her in the blooms, but it was worth the extra effort. And the owners and staff at the 22 Acre Farm were delightful to work with. I wrote all about this session here.

collage of photos of high school senior at westerville north high school in sunflower field in newark ohio

Piano and Cheerleading Senior Photos - Session Four

Remember when I mentioned that Abby began sharing her ideas and hobbies with me? That’s what led to her fourth session, highlighting her love of playing piano and cheerleading at Westerville North High School.

The cheer photos were easy to schedule. Since I’m a teacher at her school, we quickly shot those after school on the track field.

I wanted to create more intimate and customized images for the piano shots. So I traveled to Abby’s home, where I got to hear and document her playing the piano (beautifully, I might add).

I photographed these a little moodier than usual to add depth and dimension. These portraits also feel more sentimental because she’s in her home, and you can see how relaxed she is.

collage of photos of high school senior at westerville north senior photos

two photos of girl playing piano during multi-senior photo sessions

black and white  photos of a girl playing piano during multi-senior photo sessions

Farewell High School and Hello College - Session Five

For her fifth and final photoshoot, we headed back into my studio. She had a gorgeous winter formal gown and new college merch to show off. Mia, from the second photoshoot, also joined in for this session, so we created some updated photos for them together.

Abby and I thought she’d do an elaborate braid for the photos in her winter formal dress photos, but we couldn’t get the timing right for the original vision. So she went with a messy ponytail instead and rocked it! She also wore the perfect earrings to add the right amount of class and fun.

collage of photos of westerville north high school senior in her winter formal dress - senior pictures

two best friends in winter formal gowns posing in columbus ohio senior photos
Aren't these two just the cutest best friends? I now encourage all clients to bring their best friends along. These two had so much fun together!

OSU Incoming Freshman Photo

Some colleges now share a photo and a bio about incoming freshmen on their social media accounts. I love this idea. It gives the students a chance to shine and makes those first interactions a little easier to make.

Abby brought in some OSU gear, and we created a few photos to show off her college choice and share online.

O-H! (I’ll let you finish the rest.)

osu photo of an incoming freshman holding a newest member of buckeye nation sign

two high school students showing off their college gear in osu graduation photo

Abby and her mom were surprised at how much her appearance had changed over one year. While that was never the goal, seeing the physical changes was a fun surprise for them.

I’ve watched Abby grow and challenge herself at school so much. I’m really proud of the work she puts in each day, and I can’t wait to hear how she likes OSU in the fall. Go Bucks!

testimonial from a westerville north senior high school parent
Kind words from Abby's mom, Christa, who I also consider a friend now. It was truly a pleasure working with them.


Abby wasn't shy about being silly and having a great time during our photoshoots.

Enjoy these fun outtakes!

Happy Senior Year, Abby!

collage of outtakes from westerville north high school photos - multi-session senior photos

Are you interested in multi-senior photo sessions?

So, what do you think? Are multi-senior photo sessions something you’d be interested in?

You don’t need to have five photo sessions like Abby did. Two sessions are probably ideal for most seniors. That could look like a full session in the summer or fall and then a quick session toward the end of your senior year for a cap and gown or college gear photo.

If this is something you’re interested in, make sure to ask me about this for your senior session.

If you'd like to get ahead of the hustle and book a senior session now, start by sending me a message here. We'll have a quick chat about what you're looking for and take it from there.

collage of senior photos from a westerville north high school senior session


Aaron Taylor is an award-winning photographer in the Columbus, Ohio, metro area. He specializes in senior photography for graduating seniors from high school and college.


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