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Columbus Headshots | How Professional Branding Can Help Set You Apart

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

How Professional Branding Can Help Set You Apart

First impressions are everything. This is especially true in the online space. Stop the scroll is REAL! If you can get someone to pause their scroll for a moment, you have a better chance to get your marketing and message across.

Having a professional headshot can help! It shows professionalism, builds credibility in your brand, and helps form an emotional connection with your audience.

As you scroll through your Instagram or LinkedIn feed, which profiles stand out to you? Profiles that have a professional headshot or the ones that have a poorly lit iPhone photo?

Exactly my point. If you’re in the Columbus, Ohio, area and need updated headshots, I’d love to help you out! Even if you’re not in Columbus, there’s still a thing or two you can learn from this post, so keep scrolling...

Three professional headshots taken by Aaron Taylor Photography

Headshots, Professional Branding, and Brand Imagery

I want to know what comes to mind when you hear the word “headshot.” Because when I hear the word “headshot,” I think of outdated and stuffy portraits. It reminds me of corporations that have stiff portraits of their executives lining the hallways.

Times (and headshots) have changed. Today's headshots are more lively, show personality, and can be unconventional.

Unfortunately, the word “headshot” hasn’t entirely caught up with today’s market. In Google, headshot photography is still a very relevant search word. For this reason, I use the terms headshots, professional branding, and brand imagery interchangeably.

The words “professional branding” and “brand imagery” more accurately describe my headshot photography. Often, my clients come to me for headshots and walk away with professional branding images.

On Location Headshots and Personal Branding Photography

Humanize Your Brand

Here’s why branding photography is important: long gone are the days when using a logo as your business profile picture is the norm. Unless you’re a giant corporation, a portrait of yourself is the best form of marketing.

As consumers, we want to connect with brands on a deeper level. We want to know more about the business owners we follow. We want to be able to equate a business with the people who run it. We want to feel like we know where our dollars are going. We want to see behind the scenes!

With brand photography, you, as a business owner, begin creating the know-, like-, and trust-factor with your audience. In doing so, you invite followers to learn more about you, your business, and your products. This helps to convert an online scroller into a new customer.

Did you know on average it takes at least SEVEN touchpoints before you enter the buyer’s consciousness? That means the more they see you, the more they feel like they know you and your business. Why not start with updated photographs of yourself?