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My #1 Tip For Standing Poses

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

A few years ago, I wrote a post about three posing tips you absolutely had to know. After many more sessions, I still give those same tips at every session, especially #3. That one is a must.

At a recent session, I realized that I should expand on the first tip in that post: put your weight on your back foot. Over the years, I have found that saying those words can be a little confusing, so now I say this: "Bend your front knee." (And for my female subjects, I'll often follow that with, "Now cross that knee just in front of the other one.")

The benefits remain the same. If you bend your front knee, then your weight shifts back, which means your waist will be slightly farther from the camera. That means you'll slim down just a bit, and who doesn't want that?

Bending your front knee also completely changes the shape of your body. And that's why I'm writing today. I wanted to show you just how drastic the difference is when you bend the correct knee.

Andrea and I were setting up her pose in the scene below, and this first photo is where she naturally landed:

Most people would be just fine with this. She looks relatively comfortable. She has a good smile, the light is fine. The average viewer would like this photo just fine.

But I saw a problem right away. She's bending the wrong knee! She's bending her back knee, not her front knee. I told her to switch, and look at the difference:

Look at how the shape of Andrea's body completely changes! We've added curves, we've shaped her shoulders, we've slimmed her hips--just that one adjustment totally changes how she looks.

If you're at a photo session with me, those are the kinds of things I am always watching for and guiding you through. But if I'm not around, just remember this: bend your front knee.

(And if you missed the first posing article I mentioned, here it is again.)

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