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Fall Family Photos at my Secret Worthington Location

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

The family here is one of my favorites around. Their kids are friends with ours, they're thoughtful and nice, and they sure can take wonderful photos. Whenever my wife and I meet outside to chat with them, we know we're talking with kindred spirits.

We did not have to go far for their fall family photos. I have a wonderful location just outside my studio. Tall trees, leaf-covered pathways, a bridge over a pond--what else could you ask for? When they arrived to their session with handmade clothing from Nigeria that also happened to perfectly match the fall foliage, I knew that we were in for a special session.

As for the location, it's not really a secret, but I'd bet that I'm the only photographer around who will take you here. I know that my family is blessed to have such an amazing location right around the corner. We walk through here all the time, enjoying whatever nature has in store.

But a great location is nothing without an amazing family and little fun. We danced, we made faces, we smiled. I am so glad that I could create these family portraits with our good friends. I know you'll enjoy them, too.

If you're ready for your family portrait session, email me at You can also call or text 301-641-4261 any time.

Want more details or to see more families? Visit my family photography portfolio.

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Edward Stubbs
Edward Stubbs
06 sept. 2023

Very nice family portraits. I would love to know the camera and lens you used. Thank for sharing 🙏🏾

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