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Fast Deadlines and Busy Schedules - 5 Reasons Why a Studio Session Might Be For You

Sometimes you have weeks and weeks to plan. Sometimes we pick the perfect location, we plan a series of wardrobe changes, and we cater to your hobbies and interests. Sometimes we have a golden hour sunset ready for us and a rain date back-up just in case.

And sometimes we need things done fast. No planning, no mood boards, just photos now because the yearbook deadline is four days away.

That’s where my studio comes into play. I love a downtown skyline with a warm sunset as much as anyone, but sometimes that just isn’t practical or available for some sessions.

Let’s face it: some of us are procrastinators. We’re busy and we just keep thinking, “I’ll schedule my senior photos soon,” or we say to ourselves, “My keynote speech isn’t for four weeks–I have plenty of time for a new headshot.”

When that deadline is quickly approaching, or when you need a new portrait and it’s the middle of winter in Ohio, my studio is here for you.

Five reasons why a studio session with me might be perfect for you:

1. Flexibility

We don’t need to worry about the time of day or the weather. My studio is always the same and always available. I can also typically schedule a studio session much sooner than an outdoor session. More often than not, I find myself scheduling out several weeks when clients are looking for outdoor sessions on weekends. But studio sessions? Those can happen whenever you have a free hour on your hands.

2. Accessibility and Comfort

Come through the door, walk a few steps, and we can begin. We don’t need to worry about parking or walking a mile through wet grass or trekking over the river and through the woods. Whether you have mobility concerns or just want something easy, then my studio’s accessibility is perfect for you. Plus we’re inside, so the temperature is always the same, winter or summer, morning, noon, or night. Ohio can be frigid one day and blistering the next. But in the studio, we don't have to worry about any of that.

3. We Can Work Quickly

My studio is my comfort zone. I know the ins and outs of the backdrops, the lights, and the space. I know how to move you and pose you just right without worrying about distractions in the background or anything or anyone else joining the photo unexpectedly. We don’t have to walk back to a car for a wardrobe change. My backdrops are on a pulley system, so I can change colors and textures in less than a minute. (I have five painted backdrops that match just about every skin tone and wardrobe choice.) Working in the studio also makes my editing process faster because, again, I am in control of light, color, and the rest. I can polish and edit a studio photo that day, so if you have a next-day deadline, then I can make it happen.

4. The Difference for Seniors

High school seniors, ask yourself this: how many grad party invites and celebration banners have you seen with someone else standing in a nondescript garden, blurred out flowers and trees around them? Do most–maybe all?--of the seniors you’ve seen look like that? You can do something different! (Or you can do both, actually. I often do sessions both in my studio and outside.) My seniors invariably come to the studio nervous or unsure because they just aren’t used to seeing seniors in the studio. But every senior leaves thinking, “That was so fun! Why don’t more seniors do this?” Your studio portraits will have that extra level of polish and uniqueness that will catch everyone’s eye. Join me for something different for your senior session!

5. That Studio Look

There’s something about a studio portrait that is just professional and polished. Studio portraits have light and color and detail that just pop. A studio photo just looks special, like you spent time creating something worthwhile. There’s a level of craft and attention that you can get in a studio that is unlike any other on-location portrait. From posing and backdrops to light and expression, that studio look is something you can’t get anywhere else.

Senior Studio Portraits

Check out Sophie’s senior portraits throughout this blog. Sophie had been planning to have her photos with me for months, but she’s a go-getter, a high-achieving all-star with a packed academic schedule and tons of extra-curricular activities. She not only does it all, but she succeeds, too. If Sophie says she’s going to do something, then she does it, and she does it beyond expectations.

With all of that on her plate, Sophie delayed a bit in scheduling her senior photos. March came around, and we finally got something on the schedule. She wanted to go outside, but it was just still too cold and dreary in central Ohio. Instead, we scheduled a studio session on a Saturday afternoon.

In the end, we created the senior photos that she never knew she wanted. She loved them. She loved the posing, the lighting, the professional look, and the beautiful folio box she got a few weeks later.

A day or two after our session, Sophie mentioned one little detail: she needed one for the yearbook. And she needed it tomorrow. Fast service in the studio to the rescue! Thanks to everything I mentioned above, I could deliver her yearbook photo quickly despite a tight deadline.

Oh, and one more thing: Sophie has goals for being in broadcast journalism. She said that her studio photos will give her an advantage over her peers in college because she will already have a professional headshot to use in her email, LinkedIn, and any other press or social media settings. Seniors, think ahead to your college goals. You can make a professional first impression just like Sophie with your studio portraits!

If you’re ready to schedule your session, click the Contact Me button at the top or bottom of this page or send me an email at I’m excited to see you in the studio soon!

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