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Favorite Columbus Photo Locations - Highbanks Metro Park

Located in Lewis Center, Highbanks Metro Park is one of my go-to locations for outdoor portraits. In fact, of all of my favorite places around Columbus, Highbanks is where I prefer to go most often if we’re looking for that park and garden vibe.

Here is what Highbanks has to offer:

A massive park full of variety.

You can find wooded trails, sprawling meadows full of tall grasses and wildflowers depending on the season, bridges, and fences (perfect for that casual-lean photo).

Big fields for golden hour.

If you head to the field marked “Big Meadows Picnic Area,” then you can take advantage of the sunset during golden hour. On the map, I like to park in the lot near the sledding hill and then walk across the street. I’ll put my client’s back to the sun and take advantage of that beautiful glow you get at just the right time of day.

Easy to get to and lots nearby.

Highbanks is just off of Route 23 High Street just North of I-270. In fact, the park is nestled between Routes 315 and 23, but you’d never guess that you are so close to two major roadways–that’s how big Highbanks is. Plus, there are tons of places to eat and treat yourself nearby. (I would suggest Eat Greek or Graeter’s at Polaris!)

A word of caution: just because a field of wildflowers is there one day doesn’t mean that it will be there the next. I have visited one weekend and found six-foot-tall wild grasses only to find them mowed down a week later. Sometimes you have to act quickly in our Metro Parks. Also, depending on the season, you won’t be the only photographer there. But Highbanks is so huge that as long as you’re willing to walk a bit, then you can find some privacy.

And just remember that your camera only sees what you want it to see. Be creative, change your perspective, and find your good light. You never know what sliver of Highbanks might be just right for your photo session.

If you live in one of the northern suburbs, then Highbanks is perfect for you.

If you’re ready for your session with me at Highbanks, then click the Contact Me button at the end of this page to get started.

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