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Favorite Columbus Photo Locations - Inniswood Metro Park

I’ll admit, Inniswood isn’t exactly an original or surprising pick. When I moved to Columbus six years ago, Inniswood was the first Metro Park recommended to me for photos. It’s a fairly obvious pick since flowers upon flowers can be seen as you park your car. There’s no mystery to Inniswood, but don’t overlook this gem just because everyone knows about it. In fact, I’d say that you may be overlooking some of Inniswood’s features if you only stick to the rose garden and herb garden near the main entrance.

Beyond the obvious, here’s what Inniswood Metro Park has to offer:

The Sisters’ Garden.

You have to walk all the way to the back of the park for the Sisters’ Garden, but if you’re photographing a family with young kids, then the walk is worth it. You’ll find the walls of an old stone structure and a few small fountains, a winding stone wall with a few benches, a treehouse with rope bridges and elevated walkways, and a little privacy that you won’t find near the main parking lot and entrance. With families, I tend to head straight to the Sisters’ Garden if I can. Then I just work my way back to the front.

Wooded Paths and Bridges

Who doesn’t love a good bridge photo? The symbolism is perfect for high school seniors in their cap and gown. I also love the two boardwalk pathways that branch off the main grounds, one of which is just to the right of the entrance and the other of which begins just past the Cutting Garden. Any of the wooded pathways will provide great depth (and bokeh!) to any portrait.

Easy to get around.

Inniswood’s paths are easy to follow and provide quick access to all of the goodies to be found. Be prepared to walk a few hills if you make your way to the Brookwood Trail. Depending on the energy and ability of your subject, you may want to head that direction first or maybe just skip it altogether.

If you’re planning a session at Inniswood, check the local school calendars. You’ll want to watch out for Homecoming crowds in the fall and Prom crowds in the spring. Saturdays with good weather will be busy no matter what. But like I said earlier, if you make your way past the usual scenes near the entrance of the park, then you will be rewarded with privacy, variety, and fun!

If you’re ready for your session with me at Inniswood Metro Park, then click the Contact Me button below to get started.

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