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Favorite Columbus Photo Locations - M.L. Trabue Nature Preserve

Of all the locations I’ve shared in my “Favorites” series, I think this one is the best-kept secret of Columbus’s northern suburbs. In fact, I bet you’ve never heard of M.L. “Red” Trabue Nature Preserve. The park is in Dublin near the hospital. It’s tucked between and behind a condo complex and a medical park. You can easily miss the entrance off of Post Road. But once you find this hidden gem, you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life. Whether you just want a private walk on paved paths through a nature preserve or you want beautiful outdoor portraits, then Trabue Nature Preserve is for you.

Here’s what I love about M.L. “Red” Trabue Nature Preserve:

Easy walking.

Trabue Nature Preserve is meant to be enjoyed by everyone. There’s nothing taxing about this park except maybe the distance you’ll walk if you want to see the pond (more on the pond soon). The paths are wide and paved, and there are no hills. If your client has mobility considerations but they still want to head outside, then this park is for you. The paths are well-maintained and offer bridges and tall trees. You can easily create a large natural backdrop just on the paths alone.

Karrer Pond.

Once you’ve taken advantage of the tree-lined paths, the tall grasses, and the bridges, I recommend taking a walk to Karrer Pond. It’s a little far from the parking lot off of Post Road, but it is worth it, especially if you’ve timed your session correctly. I suggest late-afternoon/evening so that the sun can set behind your subject. There’s a great boardwalk that allows you to walk out into the pond a bit so that you can have nothing but water and sky in the background. There’s really no other location that’s as secluded and easy to get to if you’re looking for an expanse of water coupled with a sunset sky.

The one detail I would caution you to consider is your timing. If you’re looking to take advantage of natural light during golden, you’ll want to plan to begin a little earlier than you might otherwise. The tall trees will gobble up your light a little faster than if you had a clear horizon line. Other than that little word of warning, I can’t say enough how much I love M.L. “Red” Trabue Nature Preserve. For a few of my clients, we head back every fall!

If you’re ready for your session with me in Trabue Nature Preserve, then click the Contact Me button below to get started.

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