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Intentional Senior Photos | Westerville Senior Photographer

I recently had the pleasure of working with Savana, a Westerville North High School senior, who had a clear vision of what she wanted. Her whole session revolved around creating intentional senior photos.

Savana knew she wanted a few professional headshots created during her senior photo session. But she also wanted to tie in her sense of fashion and go from dressy to casual in her photos.

So let’s dive in, and I’ll share her why behind wanting headshots, how she used them, and how we personalized her session.

three photos of high school senior girl that did intentional senior photos to include professional headshots

Preparing for Intentional Senior Photos

Before Savana arrived for her senior photo session, we discussed her vision, outfit ideas, and location.

She had three main things she wanted out of her session.

  • Professional headshots

  • To showcase her sense of fashion

  • Outdoor photos at a specific location

Knowing all of her ideas ahead of time helped us plan and execute the perfect senior session for her.

high school senior photo taken in westerville ohio girl is wearing a brown hat with blonde hair

Creating Professional Headshots as a High School Senior

I’ll be honest - this was the first time I’ve had a senior ask for headshots. But the idea behind it was brilliant!

She knew that she would be attending a scholarship fair, networking with new people, and applying for scholarships. And she wanted to stand out among the sea of applicants.

Knowing she wanted a competitive edge, we worked together to create a few stand-out headshots. She brought in a cute pink jacket, and we created fun images that show her love of fashion and her personality.

After her session, she ordered business cards with her photo on them, and she was able to easily pass them out as she met with new people and applied for scholarships. She was also able to update her online presence to look more like a professional young adult than a high school senior.

Brilliant, right?

two headshot photos of a high school senior girl with blonde hair wearing pink blazer for intentional senior photos

Embracing a Fashion-Forward Style

The second thing Savana really wanted for her senior photos was to highlight her love of fashion, which I would call a mix of glam and farmhouse.

She chose to show off her glam side in the studio and then dress more casually for the outdoor shots.

Because her session was in the fall, and it was a little chilly outside, she wore her sleeveless tops in the studio. Pairing these tops with statement piece earrings gave the photos a pop of glam.

And that pink blazer she brought in was awesome for headshot photos but also looked casual and polished for regular senior photos. It was a really versatile wardrobe piece for her shoot, that she even wore outside for a few photos.

Next up, we headed outdoors, where Savana switched things up a bit for a more laid-back look.

two high school senior photo portraits of blonde girl with white sleeveless top in front of blue studio backdrop

two studio photos of high school senior of westerville north high school

Outdoor Senior Photos at a Special Location

The final thing Savana wanted for her outdoor photos was a farmhouse look at a special location.

She knew she would be hosting her graduation party at the Everal Barn in Westerville, Ohio, so we tied that barn into her photos.

This was such a fun idea! They planned to have photos that were taken here on display at her graduation party. And again, all of this went back to the forethought and intentional senior photos she requested.

Not only did we pull off all of her specific looks and locations she wanted, but she also intentionally tied her photos into her family home decor!

Savana and her mom really put thought into what they wanted from her session, and by sharing those ideas with me, were able to bring it all together.

two photos of westerville north senior girl posing in front of barn in westerville ohio

senior portrait of girl wearing boots and long sleeved dress in front of white barn

photo of high school senior girl that did intentional senior photos to include professional headshots

two photos of westerville north senior girl outside white barn

Share Your Ideas!

I know I’ve said it before, but I can’t reiterate it enough.

If you have something specific in mind for your senior photos, don’t keep it to yourself. Share your ideas with me!

Whether it’s a certain type of photo you’re after, a location you want to shoot at, or even a prop you want to include, I want to know about it!

Trust me, with a little planning, we can create intentional senior photos that will be more meaningful and special to you in the long run.

collage of photos of high school senior who did intentional senior photos in studio and outdoors

Kind Words from Savana's Mom

graphic of a testimonial from a high school seniors mom

If you're ready to schedule your senior photos or just have some questions you'd like answered first, schedule a free chat with me here!

Want to see some more of my senior work first?


Aaron Taylor is a Westerville, Ohio senior photographer. He works with seniors from all over Ohio with a home-based portrait studio located in Lewis Center, Ohio.


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