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What to Wear For Senior Pictures | Columbus, Ohio Senior Photographer

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

As a high school senior, you’re probably starting to think about planning your senior photos. And specifically what to wear for senior pictures.

This blog provides plenty of senior picture outfit ideas with photo examples for all genders.

I'm covering what to wear to showcase your personality, casual photos, formal photos, highlighting your heritage, and how to include school and sports uniforms.

But that’s not all. I'm covering tips for layers, colors, patterns, accessories, shoes, undergarments, hair, makeup, and nails. We’re covering it all!

By the end of the post, you’ll be well on your way to planning amazing senior photos!

Ready for some inspo? Read on!

various photos of columbus ohio seniors showing what to wear for senior picutres blog

How to Infuse Personality and Style In Your Senior Photos

Your senior photos are not the time to have a cookie-cutter experience. They’re a time for you to celebrate a huge milestone while showcasing your personality and style!

So how is that achieved? Great question!

You can make your senior photos really stand out by including favorite clothing items and props that showcase your hobbies. Don’t be afraid to show some personality - embrace it!

photos of a high school senior holding her professional camera for senior pictures in columbus ohio studio
Take one guess what her hobby is? Hint: It's my favorite thing too!

Graphic t-shirts can add personality to a casual look!

Can you tell Sadie is a HUGE David Bowie fan? And Madison chose to wear her future college shirt, Capital University!

The graphic t-shirts aren't the focal point of the photos, but it highlights their personalities. While the words "Senior Photos" and "T-Shirts" don't seem to go together, trust me: adding a few photos in your favorite t-shirt can be meaningful and fun!

two photos of high school seniors wearing graphic t-shirts for casual senior pictures

photo of high school senior wearing snowgear and posing with his snowboard at Highbanks Metro Park for senior pictures

CJ is such an adventure-seeking guy that we knew his senior session needed something special to match! These snowboarding photos captured him in action doing an activity he loves!

Other Ideas to Show Your Personality in Senior Photos:

  • Props to show your hobbies (musical instruments, books, art supplies, camera, or dance uniform)

  • School or sports uniforms (mentioned further down in detail)