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Where to Take Graduation Photos at Ohio State University - Tips for 5 Locations

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog post, you’re likely ready to create graduation photos at Ohio State University. And if that’s the case, you’re in the right place!

I’m sharing five awesome spots on OSU’s campus, tips on how to get the best shots in those locations, and wrapping up with a few wardrobe tips.

So let's dive into the first stop at the iconic OSU Rotunda!

series of graduation photos at Ohio State University campus of 2023 male graduate

Where to Take Graduation Photos on OSU Campus

Spot One: OSU Rotunda

The Rotunda is one of the most iconic places around OSU’s campus, and it’s one you don’t want to miss out on.

I photographed Rowdy, a recent graduate from OSU’s business school, the weekend before graduation. Needless to say, the campus was crowded with students, families, and photographers, all after the perfect shot at the Rotunda.

We had to wait for our turn to position Rowdy in the middle of the Rotunda, but it was worth the wait. I saw some people taking shots from the side, but that doesn’t do this iconic architecture justice. It deserves to be front and center, with you stealing the show!

Tips for shooting at the Rotunda:

  • Patience is key. If there’s a crowd, be patient and wait it out. Trust me; the photos are worth it.

  • Shoot low and wide. Shoot low and wide to get the architecture centered in the frame.

  • Take your time. You waited your turn, so make the most of it. Take a minute to review your shots to make sure you have a photo you love before moving on.

graduation photo of male graduate at Ohio State University  in front of OSU Rotunda

Spot Two: Ohio State Oval

The Oval is a beloved spot for every student at OSU, but it can be a tough place to get the perfect graduation photo when it’s crowded.

Tips for taking graduation photos at the OSU Oval:

  • Go East. Most people congregate in the middle area of the oval, so get as far East as you can.

  • Shoot Close-Ups. An easy way to blur or block people out in the background is to shoot close-up photos. If you can’t block everyone out, photoshop can help you clean it up afterward.

  • Shoot during the week. Campus is packed on the weekends. So opt for a weeknight photoshoot when there are fewer people to work around.

three photos of a man wearing graduation cap in front of ohio state university oval area

Spot Three: Fisher’s School of Business and Mason Hall

Rowdy spent many days at Mason Hall, so we incorporated it into his college grad photos. If you’re not a business major, no worries. Just shoot at the buildings that hold special meaning to you, and you’ll be golden. I wrote about an OSU dance major’s graduation photos here.

Mason Hall has some seriously cool features for photos. One of the end caps of the quadrant has the name Fisher in the rounded windows, the place is lined with long brick hallways, and the Fisher School of Business concrete bench is pretty sweet too.

Tips for taking graduation photos at Mason Hall:

  • Explore. At OSU’s campus, you really can’t go wrong. Walk around and choose spots with special meaning or that look cool.

  • Shoot Different Angles. Get up close and personal for great headshots, but then go wide to capture the beauty of the architectural pieces. Don’t be afraid to experiment with angles and your locations.