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Studio in a Flash

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

With winter coming to an end (fingers-crossed!), I thought it only fitting to show a few photos from my family's days stuck inside. While I hope for the perfectly lit portrait that has a postcard sunset and blooming flowers as much as the next person, sometimes you just have a blank wall in a basement. And although I thought the winter months might keep my camera in its bag, two little kids who change so quickly helped me stay fresh and focused.

What follows are photos of my amazing kids. And yes, all of these were taken in my basement. Nothing but my kiddos, a blank wall, my camera, and a flash. At home this winter, I challenged myself to try to create studio-quality lighting without a studio.

For anyone wishing to take their photos to the next level, invest in a speedlight. That's the type of flash that I have, and it allows me to bounce light off of the walls and ceiling instead of aiming straight at the model. This way, I can create soft light that envelopes my kids' chubby cheeks instead of the harsh light and shadows you might be used to seeing from your usual on-camera flash.

Granted, my littles ones weren't always in the mood for photos, but what kid under the age of three is--or cares?!

I'm grateful for the opportunity to spend a little time photographing these two in their element. Years from now, these photos will continue to mean a lot. I hope you enjoy them, too.

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