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The Wiltrout Family - Spring 2017 Edition

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

That's parenthood, right? You managed to get everyone dressed nicely, out the door, and to the park, and then the baby in the group just wants to take over the photo shoot.

But that's the fun of photographing young family life: turning an unexpected moment into a memorable photo.

Thanks to Andrea and her family for another fun Columbus family photo session, this time at the Park of Roses in Clintonville's Whetstone Park.

I say this to myself a lot, but these photos here are proof: repeat clients are the best. Our sessions become less about the stress of taking photos and more about having fun with friends. And the comfort with the kids allows me to make amazing smiley portraits.

(Oh, and if you know the Wiltrouts, ask Andrea how I saved the moment on the bench...!)

Looking forward to the next session, Wiltrouts!

For the photographers out there, this was my first family session with a zoom lens that has a wide-angle. To take a step back, for about a year now, I've been in love with my Canon 100mm f/2.8 L lens. The focal length just works for portraits, even with a family of five. And the macro function is great for families because there's always the inevitable curious kid who wants to walk right up to the lens. Since the macro lens allows me to focus so close to a subject, I've loved having that flexibility.

But my Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L gave me a different kind of flexibility, that kind that allowed the photo at the beginning of this post. My 100mm just wouldn't get that shot. Zoom out to 24mm, and I know have the ability include the entire family and focus on the adorable guy in the foreground. Plus, how sharp are these photos? With flexibility to go wide or to zoom in for a more traditional portrait and crystal clarity on top of that, I love the 24-70mm for family sessions.

Now, who wants to get me another camera body with a 70-200mm attached, so I'd really have all I need for a family session...

Enjoy the photos below--two more great collages thanks to Fundy Designer! If you missed my intro to Fundy, check out this blog post.

If you're ready to schedule your family session, click here for details.

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