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Amy & Jourdan Are Engaged!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

engaged couple hugging at sunset

The photos you see here are quite the surprise for both the couple and the photographer. When the three of us met about six years ago, if you had told us that these photos would be happening, we'd have looked at you like a crazy person. Why? Because six years ago I was an Advanced Placement Literature and Composition teacher, and these two were my students. You never know where your story will take you, right?

When I met Amy, she was a passionate writer and editor-in-chief of the school newspaper. When I met Jourdan, he was an accomplished Eagle Scout and lover of the outdoors. Amy sat in my class during the fall semester, Jourdan during the spring. (So no, I didn't watch them gaze lovingly at each other instead of analyzing our latest text.)

During that particular school year, I was really into rock climbing at our local gym, so much so that I hosted a small group of kids from school at the gym every few weeks. Amy's younger brother, Ian, had joined my climbing club, as had Jourdan. Ian convinced his sister to join us one afternoon. That day, she met Jourdan. Unbeknownst to me, sparks flew that afternoon, which brings us to today where former English students are engaged to be married and a former English teacher is photographing their wedding.

When people ask me what's the best part about teaching, what keeps me coming back year after year, I usually talk about the little moments when I hear from a student years later. It might be an email or a Facebook post. A student reaches out and tells me what I meant to him, how I influenced her life, how I helped him during a rough time in high school, that I was a teacher she could count on for support or a laugh.

But being asked to photograph the wedding of two former students'? I'm not sure I could feel more honored or humbled. It's tough to put into words how special this is for me. Amy and Jourdan assure me that they feel the same way.

We met again a few weeks ago in Frederick to create engagement photos. We spent an hour or so in Baker Park, a favorite place to walk and enjoy each other's company for Amy and Jourdan. They make each other laugh and smile. They tease each other. They are unmistakably in love.

They talk about podcasts and politics and work frustrations--you know, those adult things you don't really expect to hear spoken by a high school kid. "But they're not in high school!" I had to keep telling myself. They've crossed over to my world (almost). They have a life that they love in Frederick, and they have plans for their future. I can't wait to see what these two bring to each other's lives as the years go on.

Thank you, Amy and Jourdan, for the gift of a lifetime. I can't wait to be a small part of your wedding next summer.

collage of engagement photos

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