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Columbus Moms Blog - I Write and Photograph!

Just over a year ago, I became a stay-at-home-dad. A week or so later, Megan saw that the Columbus Moms Blog was hiring a new set of writers. She said, "Why don't you apply? Just because it says 'moms' doesn't mean they won't take a dad. Maybe they'll like your SAHD perspective!" I submitted a writing sample and became the first dad blogger for the Columbus Moms Blog.

I've written about the heartache of my first preschool drop-off, what it's like being a SAHD in a SAHM's world, how to navigate the Columbus Zoo in two hours, and all of the crazy ways my kids hold my attention. I've even written a bit about photography from a parent's perspective.

I love the network of parents I've met as a writer for CMB. The stories we share help me feel a little less alone as a parent. Every time I think my kid has done the craziest thing or that some phase will last forever, there's a CMB contributor with a story of something even worse or with words of encouragement.

As part of my involvement with CMB, I've offered new headshots for any writer available for the session I put together. Plenty of last year's photos are in my headshot portfolio already--just look for the brick wall background. Below are many of this year's newest contributors to CMB. There's even another dad!

If you'd like to read what I've contributed to the Columbus Moms Blog, just head to my writing page and scroll down. For plenty more about parenting, what to do around Columbus, and much more, head over to the main Columbus Moms Blog page.

If you need to update your headshot, click Contact Me and get in touch. Whether you're a small business owner, an actor or musician, or just someone who wants a nice social media profile photo, head over to my headshot portfolio, take a look at my photos and pricing, and get in touch.

I can create a new headshot for you just about anywhere. Half of the headshots on my website were created in my kitchen. The photos below were made in a field near my house. I have the knowledge, skill, and gear to give you a high quality portrait at any location.

Enjoy the photos of some of the newest CMB contributors below!

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