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All You Need to Learn Aperture and Depth-of-Field

Aperture and depth-of-field are what create the biggest differences in style and quality you see when comparing photos created with a phone and photos created with a DSLR camera. On a phone, you just don't have the control or creative possibilities that aperture and depth-of-field can give you on a DSLR camera.

When you hire a professional photographer, one of the things you're paying for without really knowing it is that photographer's understanding of aperture and depth-of-field. Those portraits that you love of your kids with the super-sharp eyes and the creamy blurred out background? That's all aperture and depth-of-field.

A good photographer will use aperture and depth-of-field to guide your eye around the photo and create an impactful composition. The good news is that aperture and depth-of-field are easy concepts to learn.

Of course, as with any art form, the fundamentals are easy to learn yet difficult to master. But with the following two articles I've written for Photographers' Cooperative, you'll get everything you need to know about aperture and depth-of-field.

Then finish your reading with this article about depth-of-field.

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