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Do Your Photos Have Presence? | Power of Printed Photographs

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Consider this question: how much presence do your photos have in your life? Sure, every photo of you and your family is available at the swipe of your phone screen, but is that really presence? Would you say that presence is a quick flick through a digital album the size of a business card?

Something with presence should command your attention. Something with presence should have permanence in your life. Something with presence shouldn't require you to choose to view it--it's always there, ready to be seen.

How present are your photos? When you walk through your home, do you see them on your walls? Do your children see them in their bedroom? Can relatives pick them off the shelf and linger with them?

For the kids reading this, consider this: once you've left home and started your own life, will there be a box of photos to discover in your old bedroom? Will you have photos of summer swim or dance team or your squad to hold in your hands?

Your digital photo stream is always there, but it doesn't have Presence.

My favorite thing to do is create photos with Presence, photos like these:

When this family gave the album to grandpa, the mom texted me and said, "He cried and we all cried with him. Thank you."

Their album has presence. That album will live in a special place, always to be cherished. And those loose prints have presence, too. They're now in frames as the first thing visitors see when they walk into the family's home.

These photos have presence, too:

The day after I installed this wall art collection at the family's home, the mom texted and said, "Our youngest is the biggest fan of our pictures. He keeps going up to each of them and naming who is in them."

What could be more meaningful than the joy and pride a family has in looking at their family photos day after day. Those photos have presence.

Do yours?


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If you're ready to have photos with a presence, email me at to set up a session today.

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