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7 Reasons to Schedule Your Senior Session Early

Brenna // 2023 Olentangy Orange High School Senior

For many clients, fall is the most requested time for senior photos. But scheduling your senior pictures during the summer might be the best time for you. Keep reading for the seven reasons to schedule your senior session early.

three portraits of blonde hair senior girl photo session in columbus ohio
Brenna - Olentangy Orange High School Senior Session

But first, meet Brenna! She’s a high school senior at Olentangy Orange High School just outside of Columbus, Ohio. She has a full plate with several college courses mixed in with her high school classes, all in preparation for a career in nursing. Scheduling her senior photos early was best for her lifestyle - and it might be for you too.

Brenna wanted a multi-location and multi-hair-style session. Because she scheduled early, I could accommodate all of this--even with a partial reschedule! (More on that later.)

While having her photos done was an important part of her senior year, her parents in particular thanked me after the session. They expressed how relieved they felt that this milestone was taken care of, so they could easily focus on the rest of her senior year.

And I think that’s the biggest takeaway with scheduling a senior session early. It provides a sense of relief because senior year is so busy.

Ready to learn if an early senior session is right for you?

7 Reasons to Schedule Your Senior Session Early

  1. Timing: Scheduling Early = Less Stress!

  2. Meet Yearbook Deadlines Early

  3. Golden Hour and Lush Greenery

  4. Summer Glow

  5. Summer Wardrobe Options

  6. Unpredictable Weather and Rescheduling

  7. Focus on Enjoying Your Senior Year and Fall Activities

7 reasons to schedule your senior session early - photo of a high school senior girl wearing white pants and orange top

Timing: Scheduling Early = Less Stress

Your senior year goes by fast. Once school starts, there is too much to keep track of. Having your senior photos done early means less stress trying to find time between school days, homework, work schedules, sports, or extracurricular activities.

Senior photos are an important part of your senior year, and you don’t want to rush them. Scheduling early = less stress!

senior portrait of girl wearing her purple prom dress in a studio portrait

Meet Yearbook Deadlines Early

You’ll have your photos back in plenty of time to meet yearbook deadlines and requirements. You’ll also have plenty of time to order and design graduation announcements!

photo of a high school senior in columbus ohio park beside flowers

Golden Hour and Lush Greenery

Time is literally on your side! Ohio has the most daylight hours and gorgeous golden hour sunsets during the summertime. In the fall and winter months, we have fewer daylight hours to work with for outdoor sessions, which can get tricky scheduling.

If you like the lush greenery that lends itself to summer, an early session is an excellent option! The park we went to for Brenna’s session, Inniswood Metro Park, is filled with colorful flowers in bloom.

innis woods metro park senior session - photo shows a girl wearing an orange sun dress standing in a field of yellow flowers

Summer Glow

Love your sun-kissed glow? Then a summer session is for you!

For those scheduling with lighter skin tones, you’ll look more tanned and sun-kissed in the summer. This can look nice when you’re wearing light-colored clothing.

photo of an olentangy orange high school senior wearing orange top and white jeans for senior photo in westerville ohio

Summer Wardrobe Options

If summer clothing is your favorite, it’s a no-brainer! And bonus - you won’t have to bundle up in layers of clothing (that can add bulk and be uncomfortable) to stay warm like you’d have to during a fall or winter session.

photos of a high school girl posing for senior photos to show 7 Reasons to Schedule Your Senior Session Early

Unpredictable Weather and Rescheduling

Weather can be unpredictable, especially in the fall and winter months. By scheduling your senior session earlier in the year, you’ll have some flexibility if the need arises to reschedule your outdoor session.

For Brenna’s session, we originally planned to do her session in one day, with two different hair looks - moving from studio to outdoor. But it rained that day, so we rescheduled the outdoor part of her session without any issue.

If she had waited until fall, when my calendar was pretty booked, it would’ve been more challenging to reschedule her outdoor session. Most seniors also only have weekend availability during the school year, so imagine rescheduling when you only have a day or two each week for photos. (Plus, as I said, my fall schedule is usually filled by the end of August!) Give yourself flexibility in scheduling by booking in the summer.

high school senior portraits of a girl with long blonde hair in westerville alley beside brick wall
I'm so happy we were able to show both of Brenna's favorite hairstyles. With a little extra planning - anything is possible!

Focus on Enjoying Your Senior Year and Fall Activities

Fall is busy in the Midwest! From pumpkin patches, apple picking, hay rides, and school sports beginning again, there's so much to do.

Schedule your session early if you don’t want to add senior photos to the long list of fall activities already on your to-do list!

two photos of girl with blonde hair standing against a white brick wall for senior photos in westerville ohio

At the end of the day, there are pros and cons to choosing any season for senior photos.

For some people, it might be most beneficial to schedule their senior photos in the summer. For others who love fall, winter, or spring, it may be worth it for them to schedule in the later months.

Choose the season and time that feels the most like you and fits your lifestyle best!

senior photo of a high school girl with black top, tan skirt and long blonde hair
My portrait studio is available year-round! Choosing the best season for your outdoor photos is a personal preference.

Benefits of working with me as your Ohio Senior Photographer!

I’m a high school English teacher and a busy family man. I also run my photography business. That means my schedule fills out pretty quickly. But there are some added benefits to working with me as your senior photographer - especially if you want to schedule a summer session!

  • My schedule is more flexible during the summer, allowing for middle-of-the-day sessions.

  • Weekend sessions are available year-round for no extra fee!

  • From start to finish, my process takes approximately one month to get your finished portraits to you!

  • You can bring a friend, a pet, or your entire family to join in on your senior session for no extra charge! This senior brought their family along to create new family photos!

  • I work closely with many Ohio schools to ensure we meet your yearbook photo requirements and deadlines!

  • I provide plenty of guidance on what to wear, so you're never guessing what will look best.

  • I'm skilled at photographing people of all genders, ethnicities, and skin tones.

If you have questions or need help deciding, I’m here to help. Send me a message here!


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