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Top 5 Favorite Photo Locations in Columbus, Ohio

In case you missed my recent series of favorite photo locations in and around Columbus, Ohio, here is a quick roundup of my choices. You’ll find everything from urban to small town to park and nature reserve. There’s the well-known and the hidden gem. No matter what your next photo session requires, I have a great location for you. Click the link for each location to read my detailed write-up for each spot.

Highbanks is the first Metro Park that I fell in love with. It’s a massive park that’s easy to get to (it’s right off 23!). While runners and photographers alike love the park, it’s so big that you’ll easily find a private space for your photo session. Pay attention to sunset times and the direction of the sun to really take advantage of all that Highbanks has to offer.

LeVeque Tower Garage is my go-to urban vibe location. You really can’t beat the view at the top of the garage or the variety at street-level. I love to do evening sessions on the top level of the garage. You can’t beat the color you’ll see in the sky.

Inniswood is my well-known choice. Photographers know Inniswood. It’s an obvious choice for portraits. But what’s not so obvious is how much variety the park offers beyond the easy backdrops up front. Boardwalk paths and treehouses are ready to be discovered–you just have to walk a bit. Make the effort and find amazing little gems around each turn.

For a small town vibe in a vibrant suburb, Old Worthington is my choice. There’s so much variety to be found. (Is anyone seeing a pattern here? I love a location with variety!) Everything in Old Worthington is nestled within a couple walkable blocks. There’s even a rainbow bench–who doesn’t want a portrait on a rainbow bench?!

This is the hidden gem of the bunch. The park entrance is easy to miss, but once you’re parked and out walking, you’ll agree that this might be your new favorite spot, especially if you live in or around Dublin. Of all the parks I have listed here, this is also the easiest to walk. The paths are all paved and flat. Time your session right, and you can enjoy a sunset over water!

What’s your favorite spot that I missed? Park of Roses is another great choice, as are Historic Powell and Uptown Westerville. (A good friend of mine LOVES Goodale Park. I haven’t done a session there yet–have you?) Write a comment at the bottom of the page and let me know your thoughts about locations in and around Columbus, Ohio!

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