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Favorite Columbus Photo Locations - Old Worthington

If you live in one of the northern suburbs of Columbus, then Old Worthington will be the first location that I suggest for a small-town vibe. Old Worthington won’t give us the same look as downtown Columbus, but for me that’s the point. We have so many small city centers like Old Worthington, and there’s so much pride in these communities that it’s a no-brainer to pick a spot like Old Worthington for portraits.

Here’s what I love about Old Worthington:

Variety in a Small Space.

Old Worthington is really only a few small blocks of history and commerce, but there’s SO MUCH to discover in such a small space. I have used two different walls of vines to create an amazing natural backdrop. One of my favorite alleys has a huge white, textured wall–another perfect backdrop for a classic city look. (What’s even better is that the opposite wall is also white, so it’s a perfect reflector for natural light.) You can find gritty staircases, brick walls, and so much more in just a few small blocks.

Small Town Vibe.

Columbus might be a big city, but it’s also home to some amazing small towns that have grown into bustling suburbs. Old Worthington is one of those “Main Street” locations that’s easy to get to and easy to feel the nostalgia. Just step onto one of the sidewalks on High Street, and you’ll agree: there’s nothing like the street-level shops, the walking traffic of your neighbors, the street lights and flowers, you name it, Old Worthington is a gem of a small town center nestled within a beautiful suburb. You can find buildings that date back to the founding of Worthington, and you can even find a park or two a few streets away. But for me, the hometown pride and small town feel is what Old Worthington is for.

The Rainbow Bench.

Who doesn’t love a rainbow bench? While the bench is certainly a great blast of color for little kids, I love the symbolism it hints at for our LGBTQ+ community. I take pride in being an inclusive photographer, and if I can help you celebrate yourself, then I’m all for it. When I brought one senior to Old Worthington and found this bench, she lit up, smiling from ear to ear. Her portrait on the bench is now her profile picture. The bench is right near the corner of High Street and New England Avenue (it’s right across from Graeter’s). If you’re looking for a fun detail in your portraits, go find the rainbow bench.

If you’re planning a session in Old Worthington, you don’t really have to consider too much. There’s a farmer’s market on warm Saturday mornings that you’ll want to avoid if you’re looking for some sense of privacy. Parking is typically easy (I always park in the lot near the Worthington Barber Shop). You really can’t go wrong in Old Worthington.

If you’re ready for your session with me in Old Worthington, then click the Contact Me button below to get started.

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