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Meet Ameena

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Meet Ameena.

She is an intelligent, fiercely competitive class of 2020 graduate. A loyal, giving friend, Ameena serves her community with confidence and passion. She’s an excellent volleyball player, and she’s earned a scholarship to play this fall at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

I had the pleasure of knowing Ameena in class. She was always interested in what was up for debate, and she didn’t tolerate nonsense. She was thoughtful and curious. Her attention was always piqued when we discussed social justice and issues of equality. I could always count on her to challenge comments that lacked nuance and complexity.

One of the best things about Ameena is making her laugh. While she never took herself too seriously, I knew that a laugh was a small victory, especially considering how corny my jokes can be. We had a blast at our session, and there were plenty of laughs.

When Ameena showed up for her session, I knew that we were in for a great time. Who wouldn't love the amazing yellow that she brought to her wardrobe? She was a little nervous when she asked, "Could we do some with my sunglasses?" And I said, "Absolutely!" Bringing favorite accessories is always a recipe for a fun, personal session. A favorite hat, scarf, coat, you name--you should bring it!

Even thought I knew Ameena well, she came to the session feeling so nervous. (Here's a little secret: everyone is nervous for photos.) But look at these results! Does she look like she was nervous at all? Comfort and fun, that's what I'm here for. Posing and direction, that's my job, too.

Take a look below at how much fun Ameena and I had together. Here’s to your continued success, Ameena!!

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