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Senior Pictures in Dublin, Ohio, with Evan | Dublin Jerome High School

Evan’s senior pictures in Dublin, Ohio, are the perfect example of capturing a variety of looks within a small area. But location was just one aspect of getting him a variety in his senior photos. His wardrobe styling was done so well, too - thanks to his mom and some intentional planning.

In this post, I’m sharing how to embrace senior pictures in busy locations (you’ve got this!), some wardrobe styling tips, and when to schedule a haircut before your session.

But first, let me introduce Evan.

five senior pictures of male in studio and in dublin, ohio near pedestrian bridge

Evan | Dublin Jerome High School Senior

Evan is a senior at Dublin Jerome High School this year, but I’ve actually known his family since he was in middle school. Since I’ve known them for several years now, there was a certain amount of comfort with his session. They know me and my senior photography work, and trusted me to be a part of his milestone.

Evan went with a mix of studio and outdoor photos. We stayed in the heart of Dublin, Ohio, at some of the coolest outdoor locations to fit his style. If you haven’t checked out the pedestrian bridge yet, put it on your “to-do” list.

senior pictures of guy in dublin, ohio from Dublin Jerome High School

Senior Pictures in Dublin, Ohio | Embrace Busy Locations

Dublin, Ohio, has expanded its downtown area quite a bit in the last few years, and we took full advantage of it for Evan’s senior pictures. We knew the area would be busy, but we embraced the crowds and created so many different looks.

Can you believe all of these places are all within one small section in Dublin?

It made it so easy (and fun) to create variety in his photos.

Worried about people watching you have your senior photos taken?

You’re not alone.

The good news?

No one is actually looking at you.

Evan, like most seniors, felt nervous about having his photos taken in such a busy area. And, hey, I get it. It’s easy to think everyone is staring at you when you’re having photos taken in public. But no one is actually looking at you. If anything, they might be thinking, “Hey, that’s going to be a really cool shot!”

collage of guys senior pictures taken in dublin, ohio
The photo of Evan in the middle was one of the busiest spots we shot at - but you'd never guess it by looking at it!

Overcoming Fears of Senior Pictures in Busy Locations

I know it can be nerve-wracking to have photos taken - whether that’s in the privacy of my studio or in a busy location. That’s why I keep your mind off being the center of attention through conversation and posing instructions. After the first few photos, you’ll overcome your fears and have a great time. You've got this!

When you look at everything we created during Evan’s session, you’d never guess that we were surrounded by a million people the entire time. The results still look like a private session.

So, if you have a favorite location that’s in a busy area, my advice is to embrace it. Push through the nerves, remember that no one is actually watching you, and you’ll be thrilled with the results.

three senior pictures of guy wearing white shirt in dublin, ohio near pedestrian bridge
When you look at everything we created during Evan’s session, you’d never guess that we were surrounded by a million people the entire time. The results still look like a private session.

Wardrobe Styling for Senior Pictures

Your senior pictures should look like you. So I always suggest wearing clothes that reflect your style. But that advice comes with a caveat - don’t just dig through your closet and wear your old clothes. Fully commit to styling your session, buy some new clothes, and really embrace your photo shoot.

Lucky for Evan, his mom was great at helping him style his session. They decided on a color palette, chose clothes that looked great together, and bought items that Even would wear after his senior picture day. He liked everything he wore, and it shows by the comfort in his expressions.

We created three different looks by only switching out his outer shirt in the sequence of photos below. The results are a very casual look in just the white t-shirt, a cool/preppy look with the white long-sleeve button-up, and a relaxed look with the blue striped button-up.

three senior pictures in dublin, ohio of dublin jerome high school senior guy
Layering clothes can create many different looks with minimal effort!

For more tips on wardrobe styling for your senior pictures, check out this extensive blog.

When Should You Schedule a Haircut Before Senior Pictures?

Nothing kills an awesome senior photoshoot like a brand-new haircut. You want your hair to look natural for photos. And the best way to achieve that is to have a fresh cut and give it time to grow back in a bit.

For guys, get your hair cut a few days to a week before your photoshoot. This will give it a few days to settle in without it looking like a first-day haircut.

For girls, you’ll need a little longer. Schedule your haircut or color two weeks before your senior pictures. Again, this gives it time to relax and settle in a bit before your photoshoot. It’ll also give you extra time to make sure you can style your new haircut how you want it to look in your pictures.

senior pictures in dublin, ohio - photo of senior guy wearing hoodie in studio photo

Want Senior Pictures in Dublin, Ohio?

We created so many different looks for Evan in the heart of Dublin, Ohio. And the truth is, there are still plenty of other places to explore in the area.

If you want to recreate any of these looks for your senior photos or have a completely different idea, let’s chat about it!

Schedule your free consultation call with me here.


Aaron Taylor is a senior photographer for students in Dublin, Ohio, and the Columbus, Ohio metro area.


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