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Uptown Westerville Ohio - New Favorite Photo Location

Uptown Westerville Ohio needs to be added to my favorite photo locations list. I have always loved the small-town feel and the amazing restaurants (Northstar and Temperance Row Brewing Company are two excellent choices), but I had never really done a photo session in Uptown. A few weeks ago, two students of mine joined me one evening for a session, and we had a blast. In fact, it seems that we only scratched the surface of what Uptown has to offer for a photo session.

Favorite Features of Uptown Westerville Ohio

1. Front Steps and Brick Walls

As soon as you get out of your car, you’ll find plenty of stone front steps and brick walls for that small-town vibe. Just check the position of the sun and find the best one for your session. The steps we started with on our evening session were at the corner of Main and State, just west of the intersection. You can use the shape of the stairway and the leading lines to guide our eyes. Just across the street was a big expanse of painted white brick. I love a white brick wall for creating simple photos that focus on the subject.

2. Alleys and Staircases

I just love the narrow alley that features a plain brick wall on one side and a white brick wall on the other. It’s just south of Main on the west side of State. It might look a little narrow and nondescript, but trust me, with a little light and the right perspective you can create some fun photos. As you can see in my examples, I love having my subject sit on the ground to really exaggerate the perspective of the alley.

Just across the street is a walkway with wonderful plants and a rustic staircase. Use the windows, use the brick path, use the staircase from below and above. The variety is endless! I especially love the photos we created where I stood above them on the staircase while they used the handrail to pose and lean. In the late evening, the sky was a perfectly huge light source–I didn’t even need my strobes to create beautiful images.