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What to Wear - High School Senior Girl Downtown Columbus

Spirit. Simple. Style.

One of the biggest worries I always hear from high school seniors is that they don’t know what to wear. I get it–most high school students these days would wear Crocs and sweatpants everyday if they could. Maybe some athletic wear or a hoodie, too, depending on the season.

Fear not: preparing your wardrobe for your senior photos couldn’t be easier. My first piece of advice is to wear what you are used to wearing. Your style and personality are what matter most. I see it time and again: seniors who wear an outfit that is beyond their comfort zone don’t open up until they’ve changed into that favorite pair of jeans and their best top.

Here’s how to think about it: wear what you would wear on the first day of school. We all try to be a little fancier, a little more put-together on that first day of school. So wear that outfit.

Or picture a Friday night out with friends. Make that outfit one of your senior photo choices.

Beyond that first choice, do what Madison did here: go for spirit, simplicity, and style.

Outfit 1 - Spirit

First the spirit: if you know where you’re going to college, then wear something from your school. You can see here that even a t-shirt and jeans (and some amazing sneakers) is just right to get things started. This is a great first outfit, too, because it isn’t complicated. You can wear that while you get comfortable at your session.

Outfit 2 - Simple

Up next is something simple. Madison stayed in the same jeans and just changed into a favorite top. She had two choices, a white and a black, and for variety’s sake, she chose the black because her next outfit was all white. I love the little details on the black top–it’s nothing complicated, but it’s more than a plain black shirt. It’s tailored and just a little elevated beyond your typical day-to-day top.

Outfit 3 - Style

Finally we end in style. How perfect is Madison’s white dress? It’s exactly her personality, it’s definitely higher fashion than the previous two outfits, and it’s something that allows us to pose even more fashion-forward. The dress has texture and layers, and it looks amazing in the golden hour sunlight we had for the end of our session.

Progressing from simple to elevated is the perfect way to plan a session. We start with comfort and finish by stretching just a bit. Poses begin casually and elevate until the end.

Need more help with your outfits? Click here for more examples and advice.

You’ll also see plenty of wardrobe examples in the links I provide here to my Top 5 Photo Locations in Columbus.

Ready to begin planning your session? Click the “Contact Me” button at the top or bottom of this page or send me an email at I look forward to working with you soon!

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