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Why Flexibility is Important for Senior Photos

High school senior photo shoots are always fun, especially with returning clients like Sydney.

Last summer, I had the pleasure of photographing Sydney, a 2023 graduate from Olentangy High School. We first met during a BLM project I did in 2020 with her entire family, and it was great to see her again for her senior session!

Sydney is a busy student and knew it would be hard to find time for pictures once her senior year started. So she scheduled her shoot early, chose the time of day that fit her schedule, and when the weather got a little crazy, we rolled with the punches.

I hope this post will inspire you as you prepare for your senior photo session. And I hope you see that no two sessions are the same. But with some preparation and flexibility, you’ll still have a shoot that fits your style.

senior photos of girl at highbanks metro park

Summer Senior Photos and Flow-Posing

Are you a busy student? If so, summer break might be the perfect time to schedule your senior photos.

As I mentioned above, Sydney is an active student-athlete and knew it would be hard to squeeze in senior photos once school began. That's why she scheduled her session in late summer, just before her senior year started.

We did her session at Highbanks Metro Park, one of my favorite locations on the north end of Columbus. It has plenty of open shade and space to move around to create variety in photos.

Although Sydney had a tight schedule, I kept things moving smoothly with my "flow-posing" technique. This usually looks like taking bursts of photos in each location before moving on to the next spot or doing a quick wardrobe change.

This approach keeps the energy high and prevents clients from overthinking the process or getting in their heads about posing.

two photos of olentangy high school senior girl wearing pink halter top and jeans with trees as background
This is one example of flow-posing. She stayed in one position, but I moved closer to create a variety in the final images.

collage of three images of a senior girl wearing a white sundress in an open field
This is another example of flow-posing. She stayed in mostly the same spot, I just made slight changes in her posing to create variety.

Flexibility in Senior Photography

I always encourage senior clients to keep an open mind and be flexible in their sessions. When you have an open mind that things may not go exactly as planned, you’ll have a lot more fun (and avoid disappointment).

Whether it's with hair, outfits, locations, or weather, there are always things that don’t go as planned. And that’s okay!

For instance, during Sydney's session, the humidity caused her hair to lose the amazing waves she had styled that morning. Instead of stressing about it, she braided her hair and continued the session. And you know what? That ended up being one of her favorite looks.

Go with the flow, have a good time, and stay flexible with your plans.

two images of olentangy high school senior girl posing beside tree wearing black halter top with hair braided