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5 Reasons Studio Senior Pictures Might Be Right For You!

Upper Arlington Senior Photographer

Meet Oliver, a senior at Upper Arlington High School. During our first consultation, we knew he wanted studio senior pictures to commemorate his final year. Not every senior wants to walk around fields or pose on a city street. Oliver wanted simple, straight-forward, and classic.

While there are many benefits to shooting in a studio, I always offer both to clients, so they have the flexibility and get to create the session that suits them best.

If you're not sure what's right for your senior pictures, this blog should help you decide! And if you're still not sure, I'm always here to help guide you.

studio senior pictures of upper arlington high school senior guy in suit and tie

5 Benefits of Studio Senior Pictures

  1. Privacy and Comfort

  2. Creative Control

  3. No Weather Worries

  4. Rescheduling is Easier (at my studio)

  5. Ease of Mobility and Accessibility

Ready for more deets? Awesome!


1. Privacy and Comfort

The teacher in me wants to say, "Where are the introverts? Raise your hand!"

But really, shooting in the studio is perfect for anyone who is shy or has never had a professional photo session before.

My portrait studio is inside my house, so when you come in for a session, I welcome you into my home, just like I would for a friend. I’ve found over the years that my smaller-sized studio has made it an excellent place for seniors who are shy or want something low-key and private.

Often parents are the ones scheduling photo sessions for their seniors. And the first time I’m meeting the senior is on the day of their session. This scenario could make even the most outgoing kids feel intimated walking in for a professional photo session with someone they’ve never met.

Thankfully, my studio makes it easy to have conversations and small talk, so I can get to know the seniors before clicking a button! I love making connections with my clients, seeing what’s going to resonate with them, making sure they’re comfortable, and guiding them through every step of the process.

The studio also provides all the creature comforts of home. I have a bathroom, a place for clients to change their wardrobes, and I can offer parents a place to sit and watch the session. It’s a cozy little studio, and I’m really proud of it!

studio senior pictures of upper arlington high school senior guy in suit and tie and button up shirt


2. Creative Control

No matter what style of senior photos you want to create, we have more creative control in the studio! Some seniors want moody editorial shots, while others want something a bit more formal. The beauty of shooting in the studio is that we can do it all!

Oliver wanted to create formal studio senior pictures that showcased his sense of style in his amazing suit