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A Guide to Sunflower Senior Pictures | Columbus, Ohio Senior Photographer

If you’re hoping for a backdrop of sunflowers for senior pictures, this is the guide for you. Luckily for us who live in Ohio, we get to experience all four seasons. And for a very brief time in summer, sunflower fields pop up all over the place.

If you’re ready to add even more beauty to your senior pictures, stick around.

I’m sharing 3 tips for sunflower senior pictures:

  • When to Schedule

  • What to Wear

  • Highlights of 22 Acres Farm and Sunflower Field

sunflower senior pictures near columbus ohio of two girls standing in sunflowers

But first, let me introduce Danielle (Dani) and Abby. They’re both cheerleaders at Westerville North High School, and we often run into each other at games on Friday nights.

I’ve had the pleasure of having Dani in my English class, and working together for her senior photos was really fun to see her personality growth.

That’s one of the things about senior picture time - they’re so much more than photos. They really capture who you are now versus who you were as a freshman, sophomore, or junior. They show the confidence you’ve gained as a person and your growth as you’ve entered adulthood.

photos of two girls posing in sunflower field for senior photos outside columbus ohio

Abby and Dani are both Westerville North High School Seniors and Cheerleaders.

collage of photos showing senior girls in sunflower field near columbus ohio

Okay, let’s dive into tips for the best sunflower senior photos!

First up - scheduling.

When to Schedule Sunflower Senior Pictures

If you want sunflower senior pictures and happen to live in Ohio, you’re in luck! There are many fields of gorgeous sunflowers popping up everywhere in July and August. But they’re only in bloom for a short window of time.

For the graduating class of 2024, the window of opportunity has passed for sunflower photos. But for the class of 2025, if you want this look, put it on your radar and calendar now to book your photos in late July to early August.

Generally, the first two weeks of August are the best time in Central Ohio, but it can vary a bit. So keep your timeframe loosely based around that time, and keep in touch with your photographer as you plan your photoshoot.

Sunflower fields are a fun family attraction, so they tend to get busier on the weekends. If you want to avoid big crowds for your sunflower photos, I suggest going on a weekday.

Recap: Plan for late July to early August, watch the forecasts, and shoot on a weekday for the best experience.

photo of girl with red hair wearing white top in sunflower field for senior photos near columbus ohio

What to Wear for Sunflower Senior Pictures

Sunflowers are gorgeous, but for your senior pictures, you should take center stage. Let the sunflowers play a supporting role in the background.

So what should you wear to look your best and stand out among a sea of yellow flowers?

Think bright and simple!

You want to compliment the sunflowers while still being the star of the show.

What to Wear for Sunflower Photos:

  • White or Light Colored Clothing

  • Flowy Dresses

  • Solid Colors

  • Jeans

three photos of high school senior girl posing in white dress in sunflower field near columbus ohio
Can't go wrong with white in your sunflower photos. And bonus - you'll look sunkissed if you've tanned.

senior pictures of girl wearing pink dress in sunflower field for senior photos
This bright dress looked phenomenal against the farm and sunflower field background.

What NOT to Wear for Sunflower Photos:

  • Busy Patterns

  • Striped Clothing

  • Textured Fabrics

Typically, textured fabrics add interest to your senior photos (like corduroy). But when shooting with a busy background (like sunflowers), we want to keep clothing as simple as possible.

Accessories for Sunflower Photos:

  • Sun Hat

  • Simple Necklace

  • Sunglasses

  • Jean Jacket

  • Solid Cardigan

Accessories can add flair to your wardrobe styling. But remember to keep things simple, clean, and bright.

Pro Tip:

  • If you wear light clothes, you may get a little makeup on your clothes. So you might want to bring a Tide pen to clean up smudges.

  • You may also want to pack oil blotting wipes to swipe between shots. Check out my makeup and styling tips here.

photo of girl standing against fence for senior photos at farm in newark ohio

Both Abby and Dani went with white clothing, which helped their tanned summer skin look even more awesome.

senior sunflower pictures of girl taken at 22 acres farm in newark ohio

Recap: Wear light or solid-colored clothes, avoid stripes and busy patterns, and keep accessories minimal.

Highlights of 22 Acres Farm and Sunflower Field in Newark, Ohio

Last summer, I photographed Abby at 22 Acres Farm. The experience was so awesome that I returned twice this summer for Abby and Dani’s sunflower senior pictures.

The family that owns and operates 22 Acres is so friendly, and the farm is gorgeous. It’s the perfect spot for senior photos, but it’s also a great little place to take the family for a day trip.

Perks of 22 Acres Farm and Sunflower Field:

  • The sunflower fields are well-kept and maintained, making them perfect for photos.

  • The farm has a great old fence and barn that are great for photos with a rustic vibe.

  • The farm has a bathroom and gift shop with air conditioning. Perfect for cooling off between photos and changing outfits.

  • Everything on the farm is nearby, so it doesn’t require a lot of walking. It’s super easy to move from spot to spot.

  • We end every session with freshly made lemonade! It’s a nice little treat as we wrap up sessions.

collage of senior girl pictures taken at 22 acres farm in newark ohio
22 Acres Farm has so much more to offer than just the sunflower fields, as you can see here. If you're after a rustic vibe, this place is perfect.

If you do choose 22 Acres Farms as your sunflower location, be prepared for a longer afternoon.

Once we get started, the sessions go by quickly. But the drive back and forth to Newark eats up a chunk of your day. Commit to several hours for a sunflower senior session here.

That being said, if sunflower senior pictures are what you’re after, you can’t go wrong choosing 22 Acres Farm. The farm is charming, the staff is amazing, and the owners are the friendliest bunch of people.

Recap: 22 Acres Farm is perfect for a sunflower senior session, but prepare for a longer afternoon. (Totally worth it, in my opinion!)

sunflower senior pictures of two girls near columbus ohio

And there you have it - my tips for sunflower senior pictures.

Are Sunflower Senior Pictures in Your Future?

If you’d like to learn more about my senior photo services, check out my senior page here.

If you have any questions or want to book a session, schedule a free call with me here.


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