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New Shooting Location for Johnstown Ohio Senior Photos

Who needs a Johnstown, Ohio, senior photographer? Did you raise your hand?!

I have a new outdoor shooting location I’m excited to share for senior photo session. If you raised your hand, stick around to learn about this spot.

And don’t worry. You don’t have to be a senior at Johnstown High School to have your photos taken here. I work with seniors all over the Columbus, Ohio area, and will gladly invite you to this spot if it’s the vibe you want.

In this post, I’m sharing highlights about this Johnstown property, photos from the first session there, and a few examples of how you can celebrate your cultural pride in senior photos.

senior photos of two girls in open field in Johnstown Ohio posing with American flag, dog, and barn

Abby and Mia - The MVP’s at Aaron Taylor Photo

Before I get into the reasons I love this new Johnstown location, I need to do a shout-out to Abby and Mia. They’ve been the real MVPs at Aaron Taylor Photography over the past year.

Abby and Mia were both seniors at Westerville North last year. I was lucky enough to work with them for multi-senior sessions together, have them in class as students, and become friends with their families.

In fact, Abby’s parents are the owners of this amazing location I’m sharing today. They recently moved to a farm property in the Johnstown/Pataskala area and invited me to use it anytime I’d like!

To thank them for their generosity, I asked Abby and Mia if they’d like one last photoshoot together before they head off to college. They jumped at the chance and were excited to fully embrace the country / Americana vibe for this set of photos.

As always, the girls were so much fun to work with, and they really crushed their outfit selections!

Okay, let’s dive into the awesome perks of this rural property!

collage of senior photos taken in Johnstown, Ohio in open field with a dog and two girls

Outdoor Senior Photo Location in Johnstown, Ohio

I love finding new locations to shoot senior photos, and I know my upcoming seniors are going to love and embrace this spot as much as Abby and Mia did.

Here’s what the property has to offer:

1. Privacy - It’s great for shy/introverted seniors who don’t want an audience.

  • As much as I love the metro parks around Columbus, they can get very crowded sometimes. (Anyone been to Inniswood on a Saturday evening? It's always packed!) If you’re hoping for outdoor senior photos without an audience, this spot is perfect!

senior photo of girls in country field wearing cowboy hats and jean shorts in johnstown ohio

2. Location - The property is only about a 30-minute drive from my studio.

  • Want to do a mix of indoor and outdoor photos? This location could work out great for that if you like the rural, country, or nature vibe.

three senior photos taken in johnstown ohio of high school senior girls

3. Country Setting - Beautiful barn, trees, and open fields on the property.

  • Don’t be afraid to “look the part” and embrace the vibe of a location. That’s exactly what Abby and Mia did. They used this session as an excuse to shop for new accessories to style their session, and who doesn’t love an “excuse” to shop?

  • The girls killed it with their accessories. From the country boots, hats, jean jackets, and American flag - it all pulled together beautifully for the Americana vibe they wanted.

  • Sidenote to a country setting - if you don’t want your photos to look country, they don’t have to. Just like any outdoor location, what you wear to your senior session plays a huge part in the vibe and overall aesthetic of the final images.

two girls beside barn wearing jean shorts and cowboy boots for senior photos in country - johnstown ohio senior photographer

4. Purrrrfect for Pets - The open fields are great for including your pet.

  • Pets are always welcome to join seniors for their photoshoots. But it’s not always easy to find a place where the pet won’t be distracted. The outdoor fields here are purrrrrfect for pets, though.

  • If you’re interested in bringing your pet, just have someone come along to take care of the pet while they’re not in the photos.

  • Even if your pet is trained and well-behaved, I always recommend leashes. It’s better for their safety while they explore new locations.

johnstown senior photos of girl and her dog in a country field

5. Sunsets - Open fields are perfect for a golden light sunset vibe here.

  • We did a lot of photos together over the last year, but we never had the chance to do a golden sunset shoot until this session. We lucked out with a gorgeous sunset at their session.

senior photo of girl holding American flag in country field in johnstown ohio for senior photos

Celebrate Your Culture and Heritage in Senior Photos

It doesn’t get more American than the photo below, does it? Wide open fields, a gorgeous sunset, girls in country boots, and the American flag.

senior photos at sunset of two girls holding American flag wearing cowboy boots in open field in Johnstown Ohio

I love that the girls embraced their culture by including our country’s flag. In fact, it’s always something I encourage seniors to think about for their photos. If you have something that’s unique to you, let me know. I’d love to find a way to include it and make it the focus for a few photos.

Here are a few links showing how some past clients included touches of culture in photos:

senior photos of two girls holding American flag at sunset in country field

Looking for a Johnstown, Ohio, Senior Photographer?

So, what do you think? Is this Johnstown, Ohio, location the vibe you’re after for your senior photos? If it is, great! I’d love to introduce you to the location.

But if you’re looking for something a little different, I have plenty of other places we can go, and I’m always up to explore new places.

Schedule a free call with me here to talk about what you have in mind for your senior photos, and we’ll go from there.


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