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Tips For Planning Your Senior Photos | Granville, Ohio Senior Photographer

Granville, Ohio Senior Photographer

senior photos of granville high school senior taken at farm with her horse

Working with Addison, a Granville High School senior, for her second senior photoshoot was so much fun! We did a mix of indoor and outdoor photos for the perfect blend of photos.

We started her session with in-studio photos. But once we got to the outdoor location that she chose, she completely lit up and was more comfortable.

We went to Empress Valley Farm, in Johnstown, Ohio, to do photos with her horse. It’s a gorgeous location, and it’s something that brings her joy on an everyday basis. That joy transferred into her photos.

Had we known what we know now, we probably would’ve spent less time in the studio and more time on the farm. But we still ended up getting a lot of great shots at both places.

So I thought this session would make a great example of how to plan your senior photos, how to identify where we’ll spend most of our time, and why giving me feedback is important.

Spoiler Alert: Feedback is great because you'll get photos you love!

In this post, I’m sharing three main things:

  • Why it’s important to plan your senior photos

  • Questions to consider before our consultation call

    • How/where you’ll use your senior photos

  • Examples of different customized senior sessions

girl in red dress with her horse for senior photos - granville ohio senior photographer

Why it’s Important to Plan Your Senior Photos

What’s that saying? You don’t know if you like something until you try it. That’s true with your senior photoshoot, too.

I’m guessing this is probably the first time you’ve had professional photos taken.

So how are you supposed to know if you prefer studio photos or outdoor photos?

I’m a teacher and a photographer - so that was a trick question! It has two answers.

Answer One: Get to know your style and plan your session.

Start figuring out your style and what you’re drawn to by looking online at senior photos you like. Create a vision board on Pinterest, and share it with me during your consultation.

Answer Two: Give me feedback. You won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t like something. This is your session, I want to create photos you love!

As we work on your session, I will usually take 10-15 photos at a time and ask if you’d like to see the back of my camera. This allows you to give me honest feedback.

If you like or don’t like something, let me know. I’m happy to make adjustments and continue. And if something just isn’t what you’d hoped for, we can nix it all together and move on. No worries.

three senior photos of granville ohio senior wearing hot pink button up shirt
Everything about senior photos is a personal preference. Addison looks great in these studio photos. But it's clear that she is "in her element" when she was outside on the farm.

three senior photos of girl on farm with horse in johnstown, ohio
Don't you think she looks more comfortable here? Me too. We want to create photos that are comfortable and ooze with your personality - like these.

I’ve photographed hundreds of seniors at this point. The ones who love their photos most are the ones who spent time planning and gave me feedback during their sessions.

Okay, now that you know it’s important to plan your session, you’re probably wondering where to start. I’ve got ya covered in the next section.

Questions to Consider Before Our Consultation Call

It can feel overwhelming to plan a senior session. The good thing is, you don’t have to do it alone. I offer a consultation (planning) call with every client to ensure we’re on the same page.

While I’m happy to help you plan your senior session, it’s important for you to do a little pre-planning before we hop on a call. When you know the answers to some of the questions I’ve listed below, it’ll give me a great starting point to help guide your photoshoot.

Studio, outdoor, or both?

The first thing to decide is whether you want your senior photos in the studio, outdoors, or a mix of both.

Where will we focus our time?

Next, decide whether you want to split your session evenly indoors and outdoors. If you prefer one look over the other, let’s plan around that so we don’t waste any time and get you the photos you’ll love the most.

collage of photos of girl on horse farm - granville ohio senior photographer

How will you use your photos? Do you need a specific photo?

Will you need a professional headshot for networking, scholarships, and college applications?

Let me know before your session so we can create that.

two stuio senior photos of girl in pink blazer for professional headshots - granville ohio senior photos

Want photos to match specific decor or for your graduation party?

We can pull that off with a little pre-planning, like Abby and Savana did.

black and white photos of high school senior playing piano in her home - granville ohio senior photo

two senior photos of girl in summer dress and cowboy boots posing in front of westerville ohio barn

Just need a yearbook photo?

We can do that. You don't have to have a full session with all the bells and whistles. I offer quick and simple sessions, too.

series of outdoor photos of high school senior girl wearing white sundress at Innis Woods Metro Park in Westerville, Ohio

Some other questions to consider and think about:

  • What’s your overall style?

  • What are your favorite things to wear?

  • Is there a specific vibe/photo you want to create?

  • Are you an adventurous person who enjoys being outside?

  • Do you want to shoot in a couple of specific locations?

  • Do you have a cool hobby or special interest you want to include?


I know I gave you a lot to think about. But don’t stress about it. Just think about these things before we hop on your consultation call, and we’ll make a plan together.

collage of granville ohio senior photos of girl and her horse on a farm

Examples of Different Customized Senior Sessions

Finally, here are some examples of what a customized senior session can look like for you. If you’re a visual learner, like me, these examples should help.

The Perfect Blend:

For the seniors who want a mix of indoor and outdoor photos, your session could look something like these. We typically start sessions in my portrait studio and then head outdoors.

indoor and outdoor senior photos of lgbtq senior in columbus ohio


Do you prefer the comfort and privacy of being inside? Let’s shoot the majority of your session indoors.

indoor senior photo of guy wearing blue suit and red tie

five photos of high school senior girl - studio session

The Great Outdoors:

If you’re more outdoorsy, let’s go somewhere unique to you. We can go to this gorgeous farm in Johnstown, garage rooftops in downtown Columbus, the Pedestrian Bridge in Dublin, or one of the many Metro Parks the city offers. Of course, if you have something else in mind, let me know.

high school senior photos of two girls in country setting in johnstown ohio

urban senior photo of girl beside black lives matter mural in downtown columbus ohio

Quick/No-Fuss Sessions:

If you just need a yearbook photo or want a quick, no-fuss session, let’s do that. I’ve done these shorter senior sessions both in my studio and outdoors.

So you choose the location, and we’ll make it happen.

five senior photos of girl wearing red pants in westerville ohio senior photography studio

The Ultimate Senior Photoshoot - Multiple Senior Sessions:

Abby and I worked on multiple senior sessions, and she got more comfortable and creative as each session approached. If you want the maximum variety in your senior photos, check out her session to see if a multi-session is right for you.

collage of high school senior graduation photos in granville ohio

Ready to Plan Your Photos? Need a Granville, Ohio Senior Photographer?

The possibilities are endless in creating a custom senior photo session.

The important thing is that you walk away with photos that showcase your personality, style, and hobbies. I want to create photos that you’re proud to share and pass out to classmates.

As always, if you have any questions before scheduling your senior session, let’s hop on a quick no-obligation call. I’ll answer any questions you might have and see if I’m the right fit to be your senior photographer.

collage of photos of granville high school senior girl on farm with her horse


Aaron Taylor Photo is a Granville, Ohio senior photographer. He works with high school seniors from all over the Columbus, Ohio area.


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