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From Formal to Casual: Eli's Dublin Coffman Senior Photo Session

Ever wondered what a typical senior session might look like with me? Well, that’s exactly what I’m sharing today with Eli’s photoshoot. He’s a senior at Dublin Coffman High School who opted for both indoor and outdoor photos.

In total, we shot Eli’s photos in these three locations:

  • Indoor Studio Portraits

  • Senior Photos at Dublin Coffman High School

  • Outdoor Senior Photos at Coffman Park

I’m all about creating senior photos that are uniquely you. But I also take pride in providing a stress-free experience by keeping things simple. 

I’ll show you how we transitioned from studio formal to outdoor casual vibes in under two hours.

Dublin Coffman Senior Photos taken in my portrait studio and at Coffman Park in Dublin Ohio

Studio Senior Portraits: Formal or Casual - You Decide!

When possible, I always recommend starting senior photos indoors. My studio is a small space, so it gives us time to chit-chat, learn about each other, and shake out any nerves you might have before heading outdoors. I’ve written a blog post on why studio photos might be a good fit for you, linked here.

For Eli’s session, he only wanted formal photos indoors. He didn’t need anything too fancy, just something with a touch of formality for his graduation announcements.

You can tell from his expressions just how comfortable he was in his suit and tie. And that all goes back to styling a session around your style and interests.

Honestly, he looks like he could grace the cover of GQ! He was feelin’ it!

senior photos of guy wearing suit and tie against dark grey background
I mean - that smile!

dublin coffman high school senior photos of guy wearing suit and tie

Studio senior photos can be as formal or as casual as you’d like. Whatever makes you feel comfortable is what you should aim for. We can do just formal, just casual, or a mix of both.

Including Your High School for Senior Photos / Featuring Dublin Coffman High School

Now, let's chat about why incorporating your high school grounds into your senior photos is a must-do, especially if you’re involved in sports. 

Wait, did you just roll your eyes at me? I know you might think these will be “cheesy” photos. But hear me out. 

Your high school is the backdrop to countless memories. And you never know when schools will be torn down or remodeled. Don’t miss the chance to snag a few photos at your school while you have it. 

senior guy photos taken at dublin coffman high school football field in ohio

Eli plays football and lacrosse for Dublin Coffman, so we featured this part of his high school journey on the football field. He brought along his jersey, football, lacrosse stick, and letterman jacket. All of these items helped tell the story about what Eli enjoys doing, and they turned out great - not cheesy at all!

dublin coffman high school senior guy wearing letterman jacket holding football beside school rock
Also, how cool is this massive rock they have at the high school? I love the vibrancy of the school colors and imagine the design changes a little every time it’s re-painted.

Don’t want your outdoor photos to only focus on your high school? 

No problem! 

Not into sports? 

No problem!

It’s easy to stop by your school, snap a few photos, and move on to another location. 

I shared a senior session of Evelyn here. She wanted a few photos at her elementary school to remind her of the memories she’d made there. It only took a few minutes, and we were on our way to another outdoor location.

senior girl posing in front of her elementary school in westerville ohio
Evelyn LIT UP when we visited her elementary school for a few senior photos. Queue the nostalgia!

Outdoor Senior Photos at Coffman Park - Personalized and Casual

After we wrapped up Eli’s photos on the football field, we went to Coffman Park to kick back with casual photos. Located in the center of Dublin, Ohio, Coffman Park has plenty of gorgeous scenery for senior picture opportunities. It's also where the famous Dublin Irish Festival is held every August.

For this last stop, we went for casual photos with a personalized flair. See that cool t-shirt he’s wearing? He got that when he was in Japan. Yes, something as simple as a favorite t-shirt can showcase your interests. And in Eli's case, his t-shirt is also a memory he made while traveling with his mom.

high school senior guy in Coffman Park located in Dublin Ohio in autumn senior pictures

A senior from last year, Sadie, wore a favorite band t-shirt. Spoiler alert - it’s a David Bowie shirt…and looks freakin’ awesome.

Senior photos should never feel cookie-cutter. But they also don’t have to be a big elaborate event. 

From start to finish, we spent about two hours creating all of these different looks for Eli’s senior photos. We started with formal photos in the studio, stopped by his high school for sports photos, and wrapped it all up with casual photos in a park. Simple but effective - without being rushed.

My focus is to create senior photos that speak to you. That’s why I take time to get to know you, ask about your interests and hobbies, and figure out ways to incorporate these things into your senior photos.

If you have any questions or want to learn more, you can schedule a free chat with me below.

collage of high school senior photos of guy at Dublin Coffman High School and Coffman Park in Dublin Ohio


Aaron Taylor is a photographer from Columbus, Ohio, specializing in senior portraits.

If you’re looking for a Dublin, Ohio, Senior Photographer, you’ve found him!


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