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Senior Picture Outfits for Guys | Columbus, Ohio, Senior Photographer

When it comes to senior picture outfits for guys, there are plenty of options to work with. No matter how you like to dress, the goal is to showcase who you are right now in this year of your life.

In this post, we’ll dive into my three go-to options for guys' senior photos, explore examples of each style, and give you ideas of what to wear for your senior photos.

If you’re a senior guy reading this, I’ll go ahead and tell you that we DO have fun at sessions. Even if you’re just doing photos because mom wants them, I collaborate with YOU, so you also get photos that you love!

And if you’re a parent reading this, the biggest piece of advice I can give is to be patient. Most guys don’t think they’ll enjoy the senior photo process, but with wardrobe and location options, they end up having a great time.

Okay, let’s dive into some senior picture outfit ideas for guys.

Senior Picture Outfits for Guys - columbus ohio senior photographer

What to Wear for Senior Pictures

Whether you’re a guy or girl or identify as gender fluid, there are a few basic guidelines I give everyone when it comes to picking outfits for senior photos.

  1. Formal: Wear something formal or a little more dressy than usual.

  2. Casual: Include casual wear or items you wear on a day-to-day basis.

  3. Personality: Show off your interests and hobbies!

For guys, it’s all about balance. When they choose outfits they’re comfortable in and shoot in a location they like, they start to get excited about the process!

Senior Picture Outfits for Guys - three photos show formal wear, casual wear, and personality looks

Formal Looks for Guys

Over the years, I’ve found that some guys love wearing suits and dressing up, while others would prefer to be in jeans and a t-shirt. Both are great choices as long as it fits who you are.

Some guys, like Oliver here, felt most confident in a suit and tie… and I have to say, it suits him. (Pun intended.)

senior photo of guy wearing blue suit, white button up shirt and red tie in columbus ohio portrait studio

But other guys may only wear a suit or dress up when it’s absolutely necessary. For these guys, I suggest at least bringing a nice button-up shirt to have variety in your final images.

Sometimes school yearbooks require a more formal headshot, and if you have grandparents, chances are the formal looks will probably be their favorites.

So be comfortable, of course. But also bring at least one outfit that feels a little more elevated than your daily wear.

Examples of Formal Looks:

  • Suit and tie with dress shoes

  • Button-up shirt (optional tie and jacket), dark slacks, and dress shoes

  • Crew neck sweater

examples of formal wear looks for Senior Picture Outfits for Guys
These are all great examples of formal looks. They can be as casual or dressed up as you'd like.

Casual Looks for Guys