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Senior Picture Outfits for Guys | Columbus, Ohio, Senior Photographer

When it comes to senior picture outfits for guys, there are plenty of options to work with. No matter how you like to dress, the goal is to showcase who you are right now in this year of your life.

In this post, we’ll dive into my three go-to options for guys' senior photos, explore examples of each style, and give you ideas of what to wear for your senior photos.

If you’re a senior guy reading this, I’ll go ahead and tell you that we DO have fun at sessions. Even if you’re just doing photos because mom wants them, I collaborate with YOU, so you also get photos that you love!

And if you’re a parent reading this, the biggest piece of advice I can give is to be patient. Most guys don’t think they’ll enjoy the senior photo process, but with wardrobe and location options, they end up having a great time.

Okay, let’s dive into some senior picture outfit ideas for guys.

Senior Picture Outfits for Guys - columbus ohio senior photographer

What to Wear for Senior Pictures

Whether you’re a guy or girl or identify as gender fluid, there are a few basic guidelines I give everyone when it comes to picking outfits for senior photos.

  1. Formal: Wear something formal or a little more dressy than usual.

  2. Casual: Include casual wear or items you wear on a day-to-day basis.

  3. Personality: Show off your interests and hobbies!

For guys, it’s all about balance. When they choose outfits they’re comfortable in and shoot in a location they like, they start to get excited about the process!

Senior Picture Outfits for Guys - three photos show formal wear, casual wear, and personality looks

Formal Looks for Guys

Over the years, I’ve found that some guys love wearing suits and dressing up, while others would prefer to be in jeans and a t-shirt. Both are great choices as long as it fits who you are.

Some guys, like Oliver here, felt most confident in a suit and tie… and I have to say, it suits him. (Pun intended.)

senior photo of guy wearing blue suit, white button up shirt and red tie in columbus ohio portrait studio

But other guys may only wear a suit or dress up when it’s absolutely necessary. For these guys, I suggest at least bringing a nice button-up shirt to have variety in your final images.

Sometimes school yearbooks require a more formal headshot, and if you have grandparents, chances are the formal looks will probably be their favorites.

So be comfortable, of course. But also bring at least one outfit that feels a little more elevated than your daily wear.

Examples of Formal Looks:

  • Suit and tie with dress shoes

  • Button-up shirt (optional tie and jacket), dark slacks, and dress shoes

  • Crew neck sweater

examples of formal wear looks for Senior Picture Outfits for Guys
These are all great examples of formal looks. They can be as casual or dressed up as you'd like.

Casual Looks for Guys

Casual looks are the most popular for my senior clients across the board. Since senior pictures should reflect your personality and style, casual looks seem to be everyone's favorite.

The most popular casual look is the classic jeans and t-shirt combo. It’s relaxed, comfortable, and generally what we all wear on a day-to-day basis.

Examples of Casual Looks:

  • Open flannel shirt with a favorite t-shirt and jeans

  • Hoodie and joggers

  • Graphic t-shirt and jeans

  • Polo and shorts

  • Sweater with jeans and tennis shoes

  • Quarter-zip shirt and khakis

three examples of casual senior photo outfit ideas for guys
Three very different examples of casual looks for senior guys.

Personality Looks for Guys

Showing off your interests is a great way to commemorate this time in your life and celebrate what you love. By personalizing your senior photos, they become a reminder of the unique person you are right now, so you’ll have the memories for later. Trust me, the later part comes sooner than you think.

Examples of Personality Looks:

  • Sports outfit or uniform

  • Dance costume

  • High school or college apparel

  • Musical Instrument

  • Skateboard

  • Snowboard

  • Camera

  • Cap & Gown

  • Bring a Pet

  • Bring a Friend

The possibilities to achieve a personality look are endless and are so much fun.

If you have something that’s unique to you, include it!

personality looks for guys senior photos
Personality looks add a lot of visual interest and personalization!

Senior Picture Outfits for Guys - photos of guy wearing red graduation cap and gown in columbus ohio
Including a cap and gown photo is great for graduation announcements!

Beyond Wardrobe: Variety in Photo Locations

Another way to personalize your senior photos is to shoot in a variety of photo locations. When possible, I like to include studio and outdoor locations for my senior clients.

Some guys love the look and vibe of studio shots, while others relax and feel more comfortable shooting outdoors. When you choose both indoor and outdoor locations, you’ll find out what you love the most without accidentally limiting yourself.

You can choose locations that have special significance to you, from your favorite park to your high school or a spot where you love hanging out with friends. With the right location, your senior photos will be one of a kind, just like you.

I wrote a series on my favorite places around Columbus, Ohio, to photograph. But I’m always up for an adventure. So if you have something else in mind, by all means, let’s explore it!

columbus ohio senior photos at highbanks metro park
This sessions was so much fun! We went to Highbanks Metro Park when we had a great snow day to get this fun personality shot!

two high school senior guys photos in columbus ohio
More examples of fun location shots!

Let’s Look at Examples - Senior Picture Outfits for Guys

Let’s take a look at examples, so you can see why certain outfits and locations worked for a few of my recent senior guy sessions.

First up, we have Andrew! He’s laid back, casual and sporty and didn’t want a focus on formal senior photos. His button-up shirt and khakis worked perfectly for his version of a formal look.

columbus ohio senior photographer for guys
Formal to casual in-studio!

For his casual look, we did a mix of studio and outdoor shots of him rockin’ his cross-country shirt. And finally, for his personality and location shots, we had fun shooting at his school track in a couple of different looks. I’m still a sucker for school jackets. They’re timeless and still look so cool!

senior picture outfits for guys - columbus ohio photographer
I love the way these location shots came out! They really highlight who Andrew is and what he loves to do.

Next, we have Colin. He was so much fun to work with, but I’ll let you in on a little secret. He was 100% doing senior photos for his mom and didn’t want a big production at all.

senior picture outfits for guys

We started his session at Highbanks Metro Park, where he dressed casually in a nice sweater, dark jeans, and tennis shoes. Colin thought the outdoor photos felt a bit cliche to him, but he was a great sport about it. After these photos, we went back to the studio, and that’s where things changed for him.

At the studio, he put on his formal look, and I could tell right away that he felt more confident and relaxed. This was the sweet spot for him. He began having more fun, and left saying he had a great time!

This is a perfect example of why I tell clients to bring different outfits and shoot in different locations. Once the session gets moving, there’s a moment where they feel good, feel confident, they’re comfortable posing, and they begin enjoying the experience. That’s what happened when we did Colin’s studio photos, and I was so excited when that moment came together the way it did. His whole personality changed, and I could see he was having a great time.

senior photo of guy in black suit and white button up shirt

Last up, we have Oliver. He’s more of a formal guy, so he really gave his best expressions when he wore his blue suit and red tie. I mean, he looks amazing!

For his more casual looks, he wore a light blue button-up (top unbuttoned for a casual feel) and a quarter zip shirt. Oliver was recovering from an injury and couldn’t do outdoor photos due to mobility issues, but we were able to capture three very distinct looks in the studio.

What to Expect During Your Senior Session

Generally, parents take the lead in scheduling senior sessions and going over the details of the day. This means I’m usually meeting the senior for the first time when they arrive for their session. So I always spend the first few minutes of a session making small talk with everyone and getting to know the senior in particular.

After that, we’ll look through your outfits and begin your session. Once we begin shooting, I’ll put myself in each pose, so you can follow my lead. Easy!

Because I provide posing direction and work quickly, clients don’t have time to get nervous. By the end of sessions, most clients tell me they thought they’d be nervous, but with my posing help, they weren’t nervous at all. And that’s my goal - to create a great experience and give you great portraits of yourself.

And to put your mind at ease, I do know how to pose guys too. I say this jokingly because a lot of what you see on my website are photos of females, but I work with everyone. Even if you’re a female who wants more traditionally-masculine posing, I can do that too!

columbus ohio senior photographer
No matter what you wear, the goal is to create photos you love while also having fun during the process.

Will you show off your unique style with my selection of senior picture outfits for guys?

If you’re interested in chatting about a senior session, I’m based in Columbus, Ohio, and work with seniors from all over the state!

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