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Best Spots for Senior Photos at Inniswood Metro Gardens

Inniswood Metro Gardens in Westerville, Ohio, is far from being a hidden gem for senior photos. In fact, I’d say it’s one of the most popular spots photographers take their clients.

So you might wonder if the park’s popularity hinders the experience of having senior photos taken there. The short answer is - not in the least.

Since Inniswood is so expansive, even on the busiest days, I can shoot at angles to make it look like we have the park to ourselves. The park has so many great features that your photos won’t look like everyone else’s, even if they’re taken in the exact same location.

In this blog post, I’ll take you on a visual journey through Inniswood as I share my favorite features of the park and go-to spots for senior photos. And I’ll answer some FAQ’s at the end.

Best spots in Inniswoods Metro Garden for senior photos.

Introduction to Inniswood Metro Gardens

If you’ve never visited Inniswood Metro Gardens, put it on your to-do list. It’s such a nice park to visit, even if you’re not going for a photoshoot.

But if you are going for photos at Inniswood, it has it all! Whether you want photos that look rustic, country, urban, or whimsy, you can create them here. It’s the perfect outdoor location for any senior session. And with its ever-changing foliage, it looks great all year.

Inniswoods also has two restrooms that are conveniently located throughout the park. One is near the park entrance, and the other is toward the back. So, as we work our way through the park, you’ll have a private space to change your clothes.

And on the topic of changing wardrobe, may I offer a tip here. In the summer, it’s especially important to be careful about smudging your makeup on white clothing. I’ve linked some more info about that here.

best spots for senior photos at Inniswoods Metro Park

My Favorite Spots at Inniswood Metro Gardens for Senior Photos

As I mentioned earlier, Inniswood is massive. You can walk through it from the front entrance to the back, or zig zag your own path throughout the park. But for ease of explanation, I’ll share my favorite spots for senior photos from the front, middle, and back portions of the park.

Favorite Spots for Senior Photos in the FRONT of Inniswood

When you first arrive at the park, you’ll immediately see how many trees, flower beds, and gardens there are from the parking lot. To the right of the main entrance, you’ll find my first go-to spot - the wooden boardwalk at the entrance of the woods.

Wooden Boardwalk / Wooded Area with Walking Trails

We don’t have to venture far off the path to get cool shots like these. Just a few steps off the sidewalk, and it looks like we’re deep into the woods. This area has a wooden boardwalk that curves around a pond, or you can venture into the woods a bit further onto a gravel path.

senior photos of girls posing on wooden boardwalk at inniswoods metro garden

Rose Garden and Trellis Structure

Directly beside the wooden boardwalk area is the rose garden and light blue/grey trellis structure. Even if we don’t catch the roses in full bloom, the structure makes a great place to stand or lean against for senior pictures.

senior photos of girls at Inniswoods Metro Garden in rose garden area

Pollinator Garden

The pollinator garden is just beyond the rose garden and has lots of interesting flowers. It’s just one little strip of flowers, but as long as we stand at the right angle, it can look like you’re in a giant field of flowers!

best spots for senior photos at Inniswoods Metro Park- pollinator garden

Herb Garden and Gorgeous Arched Trellis

I’ll never get tired of the herb garden and trellis entryway. It’s a popular spot for photos, so we sometimes have to wait a few minutes if other photographers are working in the area…but it’s completely worth it. And bonus - it usually smells lovely throughout the herb garden as well.

senior photos under arched trellis in Inniswoods Metro Park

Favorite Spots for Senior Photos in the MIDDLE of Inniswood

As you head into the middle of the park, you’ll see the original house where the Innis Sisters lived. It’s now the park office with a cute little porch and fence beside it for photo ops. But behind the house is where the magic is, at the waterfall.

Waterfall and Water Features

The waterfall area is one of the best spots in the park for senior photos. This spot has a winding sidewalk, a stone staircase, and a small creek. This area was designed on a sloped angle, making it perfect for creating a variety of senior photos without moving too far.

best spots for senior photos at Inniswoods Metro Park - Waterfall area

senior photo of girl at Inniswoods Metro Park waterfall area

Bridge with Iron/Metal Structure

Inniswood has three main bridges throughout the park. The first bridge is located in the middle of the park, just past the waterfall. For a more industrial vibe, this bridge has iron/metal sides and sits just in front of a walking trail into the woods. It’s gorgeous all year long, but especially in autumn as the leaves begin to change colors in the background.

senior photos at Inniswoods Metro Gardens on bridge

Favorite Spots for Senior Photos in the BACK of Inniswood

You’ll cross over a second bridge to get from the middle to the back of Inniswood. This area is known as the sisters’ garden. To the left, you’ll see a wide-open field and pavilion. To the right, you’ll find a pond, woods, and a play area for kids.

When I’m shooting a senior session here, we usually stop every 10-15 feet for a few shots and move on. It’s one of those ‘You’ve just gotta see it for yourself’ places.

Rustic Wooden Fence & Wildflowers

This rustic wooden fence sits just off the sidewalk beside a small pond. It typically has tall grasses and wildflowers in bloom during the summer. It’s the perfect spot to stand or lean against for a more country or relaxed vibe.

best spots for senior photos at Inniswoods Metro Park - Rustic Fence

Brick Walls and Small Structures

If you’re up for a little adventure, walk toward the back of this area, and you’ll find a little brick wall/maze of sorts. It has a few cool spots to note - the circle opening, a water feature, and little bistro tables. Because this spot is off the beaten path, it’s never busy. So, if you want a little more privacy, this spot is perfect.

senior photos of girl posing beside brick structure at Inniswoods

White House in Children's Play Area

The children's play area has a few small buildings; one of them is a quaint white house. It’s perfect for a few quick photos outside the building.

best spots at Inniswoods for senior photos - photo of girl wearing jeans beside white house in childrens play area

Flowers and Tall Grasses & Rustic Brown Building

Across from the white house is a spot where tall grasses and wildflowers grow. Depending on the time of year you go, the grasses can be really tall. And if you time your session during golden hour, the sun sets behind these grasses!

Next to the tall grassy area is a rustic brown building (that has a restroom) and open breezeway. The outside of the building gives a country/rustic look. And while you’re here, it’s the perfect time to switch up your wardrobe in the restroom.

best places for senior photos at Inniswoods Metro Park - senior photos beside flowers and tall grasses

senior photos at Inniswoods Metro Garden

Stone Bridge

Finally, as you leave the Sisters’ Garden area, you’ll cross over a stone bridge that loops you back to the front of the park. The stone bridge is a really lovely spot to take a few photos before wrapping up a senior session.

two senior photos at Inniswoods Metro Park beside stone bridge

Parking Lot at Sunset

When you make it back to parking, if it’s nearing sunset, we can create a few natural light photos with nice warm light from behind. The parking lot has plenty of open field space, benches, and flower beds. It’s so much more than a parking lot.

best spots for senior photos at Inniswoods Metro Park

Preparing for Your Senior Photos at Inniswood Metro Gardens

Timing for Senior Photos at Inniswood

When planning senior photos at Inniswood, it’s a good idea to check local school schedules for prom, homecoming, and graduation events that might be going on. While we can typically work in the park when it’s busy, it gets tricky when bigger events draw in crowds of people.

As far as seasons, the park is open year-round. And with its ever-changing landscape and foliage, it makes a perfect backdrop any time of year.

FAQ's About Senior Photos

I’m constantly updating my blog with tips for planning the perfect senior session for you. Every session is customized to be exactly what you want. The articles below will get you started on ways to add some personality to your senior photoshoot.

collage of photos showing the best spots for senior photos at Inniswoods Metro Park in Westerville Ohio

Ready for Senior Photos at Inniswood Metro Garden?

So, what do you think? Did anything at Inniswood catch your eye for your senior photos?

If you’d like to learn more about working with me as your senior photographer, reach out here or check out my senior page.


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