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Urban Senior Photos in Downtown Columbus, Ohio

As we wrap up the 2023 school year, it wouldn’t be complete without highlighting one last senior session. I had the pleasure of photographing E’Moni, a Westerville North High School senior, not once - but twice!

E’Moni is a brilliant student, star athlete and is passionate about social justice and Black Lives Matter. We had so much fun creating her photos, especially her urban senior photos in Downtown Columbus, Ohio.

As I share photos from both of her sessions, I’ll include some tips on making your senior photos feel authentic to you and collaborating during the planning phase using Pinterest.

collage of urban senior photos taken in downtown columbus ohio of a westerville high school student

Authenticity is Key for Senior Photos You’ll Love

We've all been there - sitting awkwardly in front of the school yearbook photographer, only to end up with photos that look like everyone else's. But when it comes to your senior photos, you deserve better.

Senior photos only happen once, and you’ll want them to accurately represent who you are. You deserve senior pictures that capture your unique personality and passions and feel authentic to who you are.

For E’Moni’s first session, we shot photos in my studio and at the school gymnasium for her basketball photos. Take a look at these photos and tell me which photos look most authentic to her.

two photos of high school senior girl posing in portrait studio

two photos of female high school senior posing in her basketball jersey and school jacket

It’s apparent that E’Moni really came alive during her basketball photos. She was totally in her element, and it translated into her pictures.

Don't get me wrong; her studio shots also turned out great. But the basketball photos capture her unique style and personality the most. That's the authenticity piece I want you to keep in mind as you’re planning your senior pictures.

Think about the hobbies you love, the clothes you’ll feel comfortable in, and find a way to incorporate them all together.

Some thoughts on authenticity in photos:

  • Be Yourself. Don’t do something just because you think you have to or because everyone else is doing it. Plan photos that will make you happy.

  • Rules are OUT. You've spent your whole school career following them, but senior photos are different. Got a wild idea? Share it with me, and let’s bring it to life!

  • Keep hair and makeup natural. Your senior pics are all about capturing your everyday self, not a fancy event like prom, where you might want a “glam” look. So go for a slightly elevated and natural look.

  • Comfort is key. When you’re relaxed and comfortable in your clothes, it shows in photos. Tying this all back to authenticity - just be yourself.